Nov 03 2014

Small Craft – 95ton Shuttle

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Rosendal class Shuttle

95 ;Shuttle ;10 ;71 ;3 ;3t;33 days ;32.3 ;Model/3 ;K, L2, +5



The shuttle is a large interplanetary passenger and cargo vessel. This type of shuttle can operate between a port and an orbital facility fitted out to allow easy docking, but normally is used for interplanetary trade.

Now, there are several illustrations of Traveller shuttles and none of the deck plans that I am aware of actually show this particular craft as drawn by William H. Keith, Jr. for GDW’s Imperial Encyclopedia, but for me it is THE shuttle and so I went on to make a 3D model for my Frontier Transport.

This is what basically came out:



The craft can also be seen in the following images:



Rosendal Class 90ton Shuttle WIP

Rosendal Class 90ton Shuttle WIP

Okt 30 2014

Small Craft Listing

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The following Small Craft List was compiled by Robert Eaglestone for the Citizens of the Imperium Forum. I use it here as a convenient listing to link all the small craft that I modeled (and will model) together. I might rip the List apart to have only a craft index here in the future and place the lines for each craft inside the corresponding craft’s article post. However I just got permission to leave it here as it is, and I think it’s  very convenient like this.

All craft were designed by Robert Eaglestone („robject“ on CotI) solely using Traveller5’s Adventure-Class Ships design system, with no modifications. Direct link to the original post with the file: Traveller 5 Small Craft List.pdf (CotI Login required).

20 ;Launch ;9 ;11 ;1 ;0.5t;5 weeks ;12.9 ;Model/1bis ;C, L0
20 ;Gig ;15 ;7.5 ;8 ;2t;5 weeks ;18.3 ;Model/2 ;B, C
30 ;Ship’s Boat ;13+ ;16 ;6 ;2t;4 weeks ;14.8 ;Model/1bis;
30 ;Slow Boat ;10 ;20 ;3 ;0.5t;16 days ;13 ;Model/1 ;C
40 ;Pinnace ;12+ ;24 ;5 ;2t;4 weeks ;19.4 ;Model/2 ;L2
40 ;Slow Pinnace ;9 ;30 ;2 ;0.5t;18 days ;15.1 ;Model/1bis ;C
40 ;SMC Shuttle ;12+ ;23 ;5 ;2t;4 weeks ;18 ;Model/1bis ;B, S
50 ;Modular Cutter ;11+ ;34 ;4 ;2t;4 weeks ;27 ;Model/3bis;
95 ;Shuttle ;10 ;71 ;3 ;3t;33 days ;32.3 ;Model/3 ;K, L2, +5

NOTES: B = Lift Body. C = Cramped Bridge. K = Cargo Lock. L0 = Short Term Life Support. L2 = Long Term

Life Support. S = Spacious Bridge. +5 = Overtonnage by 5 tons.


Vol.  Volume, in tons.

Name.  Official name for the small craft.

TL. Technological Level at which this ship is manufactured.

Free.  Open, configurable space, in tons.

Gs.  Acceleration, in gravities.

Fuel/Duration.  Fuel tank size, and operational time given a full tank.

MCr.  Price of small craft in millions of credits.

Computer.  Computer model installed by default.

This article has been transferred to a static page to make it available on the sidebar menu.

Okt 29 2014

Small Craft – The Gig revisited…

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Well I had this model for a while. But it lacked a certain something. Now what might that be? Interior? Landing gear? A mounted Weapon? Drive exhaust trails? A Pilot?

Let’s have a look…

20 ;Gig ;15 ;7.5 ;8 ;2t;5 weeks ;18.3 ;Model/2 ;B, C
20ton Gig WIP 01

20ton Gig WIP 01

I could be color.


This is a larger 30ton variant. But you get the idea. I’m on a mission to texture all my existing models.

Okt 27 2014

Small Craft – 50 ton Modular Cutter w Container Module

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The Modular Cutter is a versatile craft. However in some cases the circular cross section is not optimal. The images below show a Cutter with a module that features a rectangular cross section almost over it’s entire length. Only the end „caps“ with the landing gear and cutter’s connectors as well as the overhead fixtures remain the same as on any other module. It is an unstreamlined module however.

50 ;Modular Cutter ;11+ ;34 ;4 ;2t;4 weeks ;27 ;Model/3bis;



The Container Module has 35 tons and affects the performance of the cutter by reducing accelleration by 1g. The image below shows the same module with an optional AeroCowl installed, that partially streamlines the module and provides better handling capabilities in an atmosphere. The cowl can be installed by two workers within 30 minutes, provided they have access to some lifting device or a forklift.




 Various Variants






Navy 2



Navy 3


More to come…

Okt 26 2014

Small Craft – 30ton Slow Cargo Boat

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Based on my 30ton Ships Boat Model with a slightly shortened hull, this winged boat has much greater cargo capacity than the Ship’s Boat at the cost of accelleration.

30 ;Slow Boat ;10 ;20 ;3 ;0.5t;16 days ;13 ;Model/1 ;C




Texture variant „Imperiallines“


Texture Variant „Navy“


It features the same landing gear as the Boat or Cutter, is based on a 5m diameter hull with a slightly elongated nose cone.


The container visible in the Render above is a 4 dton Container measuring 6m x 3m x 3m. All three craft are designed to be loaded with this container in mind. Of course a lot of capacity is wasted carrying containers due to the circular cross section, Except for the slow boat whose cargobay rear of the loading gate has a rectangular crossection.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

However loading two of these boxes side by side would be a very tight fit there too. Considering this the Rhaan Interstellar variant of this craft has side loading gates at the rear section too. These are complemented by loading davits that hoist one container into the bay on each side. The container however needs to be placed beneath the wings with the cargo gates open.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension

All „tubular“ Traveller RPG small craft follow the same basic layout. Maybe I should to try to explain…

The bow section houses cockpit, sensors, computer, fresher, weapon control and airlock, next to the center is either a passenger compartment or the cargo bay, wich is always located in front of the powerplant housed in the rear section just in front of the maneuver drive. Front and rear are seperated by bulkheads. Fuel and piping or wiring, safety equipment and sometimes more storage space is located beneath the deck. Wings, fins and the like were also used as a distinguishing feature.

Here are deckplans that illustrate the concept (not this particular craft):

Typical craft were a small 20ton Launch, the larger 30ton Boat, an even larger 40ton Pinnace and at 50ton the Cutter, each with several slow, fast or modular variants. These are very typical Traveller subcraft dating back to the mid 70ies. ☺

Okt 11 2014

Starship – 600ton Subsidized Liner

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The Subsidized Liner comes in several variants. The most common being the standard Stellar-Class and the slightly modified Bastien-Class Liners. There is a supplement by Loren Wiseman on RPGNow detailing the ship in four variants, including Deckplans and Adventure Seeds.

600 Subsidized Liner 12 2 1 3 3 199 one month 134.50 Model/2bis std 5 21 20 s10(s20)

I have a problem with this ship, or – to be precise – with it’s subcraft. According to TNE it sports a 10ton launch (a life boat by CT definition or customs) , CT assigns a 20ton launch

I will likely model the basic liner and at least the Mercenary Cruiser variant (similar to the ship detailed in the MegaTraveller Supplement Assignment: Vigilante available via RPGNow).



There are still a few models I am eager to make and the Liner is no exception. It is in the very early stages of blocking out the vessel, but a tiny preview is due taday. See…

Below: an older image now superceeded by the above.



And that’s it for now. Cheers.

Okt 10 2014

40ton Research Pinnace revisited…

Category: Project,Space CraftMirco @ 17:14
40 ;Pinnace ;12+ ;24 ;5 ;2t;4 weeks ;19.4 ;Model/2 ;L2

Tiny update on that craft. I already had the combi-variant with a cargo compartment behind the passenger compartment. But I figured a passenger only „shuttle“ variant and a pure cargo variant would be nice too. So here are all three.




The 30ton Ship’s Boat and 20ton Launch share the same diameter hull and front section. As visible at the cockpit window configuration these craft have three windows out front. The 50ton Modular Cutter and the 40ton Research Pinnace however share a 6m diameter hull and the same front section to. These cockpits have four windows out front.

Mai 21 2014

Judges Guild Starships Facelifting

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So, long time no posting. That’ll change in the near future. I currently plan to revisit the JG ships and craft. First to give you an idea were I’m heading a scan of the original craft…tmp_Screenshot_2014-05-21-08-35-05-1-1215362326


And that same image painted over with the planned facelift…


I hope to start modelling these during May and will keep you updated here.



Sep 05 2013

Starships – Meet the Lone Lady (200dt Far Trader)

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So now that I have finally made the descision to include the Far Trader in my Traveller Calendar 2014 submission, I have to get going with the texturing of the vessel. Rob Caswell published a drawing of the Far Trader challenging the DA Community to come up with a paint scheme (or – well – colorizing the ship).


I used his Drawing to create the following paint scheme which is also my current favorite for this ship. I tried to touch a bit on classic 70ies car racing colours (GULF Racing used a light blue and orange coloring).

And now the textured model. I think with a dusty weathering and some more decals I will be good. The bump map, specular map and an admittedly generic hull plating have alteady been added. This works fine for now.

And here comes the drawing…


The tail number states homeworld, ship type, registration number and sector abbreviation and says “Gerim, A2-58738 RD” (RD for Reaver’s Deep).

Next image shows the ship grounded with an open Airlock…


Set in a starport scene I’m currently developing…


Stay tuned for future updates.

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Starships – Meet the Lone Lady (200dt Far Trader)
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Jul 31 2013

Workshop – Coffee at the Port

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After committing to donate another image to the official Traveller Calendar 2014 and possibly a proposed official 2300AD Calendar 2014, I’ve started working on the concept of the new image.

Have a peek…


Key elements are the presentation of typical Traveller ships or vehicles landed on a remote starport – possibly a Class C, perhaps a Class B. I always wanted to do a piece with the Armored Merchant, the Free Trader and perhaps the Patrol Cruiser or the Fat Trader. The latter is currently in the works, so maybe that’s a maybe.


Here are the pieces I use for Inspiration. William H. Keith drew a scene with the Armored Merchant for the RPG Mag “High Passage” No. 3 (1982). A scan of that drawing is also shown in my article about the ship, which forms the basic scene, as you may see when comparing it with the sketch above…


This will be appended to the left to leave more room for more action. The Free Trader will probably go to the left as shown in my first concept sketch above. The ship in the far center of the screen is not decided upon yet. It might be the Scout Courier shown, but that would essentially mean I have to model that ship, or it might be the Patrol Cruiser or Subsidized Merchant. Perhaps I will even use the Challenge Class Subsidized Merchant I made for TheTravellerGroup Challenge on deviantART.

Further inspiration comes from various Favourites I collected on deviantART, as for example (and not in any particular order):
A spaceship and some coffee by ~DrawingNightmare
Mars Spaceport by *JonHrubesch
Rig by *WhoAmI01
A Long Journey by ~JadrienC
Boomz Bike by ~claren89
OTJ 05 by ~Apostolon-IAM
Castaway by *steve-burg
Hello? Is there anyone here? by *BenWootten

There are likely more that I will add later, as the project progresses.

So whats needed? First of all I’ll need terrain with environment (includes Sky, Lighting and the like. This will probably be done in Terragen or in  Blender) so the scene has the right frame. I’ll probably do my own with the exception of the clouds. Terraspace is the correct term for this kind of image, which only forms the stage for the scene here.

Obviously I need the ship and vehicle models. I already have the Traveller ships and need to model a decent looking motor bike or car. I already dropped the idea of placing a gull-wing door car into the scene but a ute or something along that line would do too.

And there will be a few Characters in there, that need representation. Especially two are fairly detailed. Susan Bonner in the front an Tarlon Rhaan leaning on the motorbike/ute (with a mug of coffee) on the left side. I hope to use my old Mr. Default for the rest of the image, as he is low on poly-count and far in the distance or shadows.

Containers, crates, luggage and cargo handling equipment are needed to be moved around, about and aboard and the passengers and crew scattered about the landing field to depict a busy port are needed too.

The Free Trader in the image above will be the Brawlin Beast. See a glimpse of her here…


And there is an ambulance livery in the works for the Lopec G-Carrier.


Tiny update: Less than one month to the deadline.

I fiddled around with the scene a bit and fixed other questions. My hardware will pretty much limit the complexity of the scene. I first decided to make it a daylight scene as the lighting is much simpler. But RL time constraints I won’t leave me with too much time for good texturing. So I will likely make it a foggy scene or hazy scene in early evening light or in the morning light.
However I’ll have to see how that turns out.

So… The vehicle… I do have an old model of a flying gull wing door car that could be great for the scene. Which basically means that I have all the vehicle’s models ready at hand. They will need paint, though.Maybe a simple Air/Raft is sufficient. I have yet to decide..


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Workshop – Coffee at the Port
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