Jun 23 2013


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Traveller 5

Finally the day arrived and today local customs (an about 60 km car drive away) handed over my gift from Marc Miller’s tremendous Traveller 5 Kickstarter Project.


My package contained:

  • Two 25 Credit coins with Archduke Norris‘ face on one side.
  • Four more dice (black, yellow, white and red)
  • One patent of nobility card for my primary char Sir Tarlon Rhaan, stating a Knighthood on Gerim/Caledon/Reavers Deep, another entry on Gerim
  • One Travellers Aid Society Card for my primary char Tarlon Rhaan issued on Kiwhi//Antares
  • One Traveler 5 Core Rules CD-ROM
  • One JTAS CD-ROM (Option)
  • One 656 page hard cover Traveller 5 Core Rules book signed by Marc Miller

The coins feel like coins, not quite up to the heaviness of a 50 euro cent coin, but feeling consideraly more valuable than former GDR currency coins. The dice are heavy and portray a good quality look and feel.
The cards are nice, much like bonus cards from the local store. The CD-ROMs and Book are retail quality. All in all I’m happy with what I’ve got.

If you ever wondered how to pack 17 dice into a box designed for 16, this is how I packed my dice box.


The Kickstarter Backer’s Deckplan Set

Update: 3rd Aril 2014

Yesterday the postman handed a large envelope from FFE over. My Traveller Deckplans have arrived. Yay! When Marc informed the KS-Backers that there is an option to upgrade to the full set, I did just that. Unfortunately I did it twice (no idea where I had my head that day).

So I wrote Marc a little note to tell him to pack in a few dice or coins or nobility cards at his discretion if he wanted to opt not to refund but to compensate by other means. So my latest packege contained:


  • One full Traveller 5 Deckplan Set consisting of five ship plans plus a map of the spinward marches.
  • Three more dice. One red, one yellow plus one Christmas Edition white die.
  • One 25 Cr. coin with Archduke Norris head embossed on one side.
  • One Patent of Nobility Card for the title Knight of Deneb issued for 2801 MacDermont D200768-8. Nice.
  • One Patent of Nobility Card for the title Marquis MacDermont issued for 2801 MacDermont D200768-8, that same world in the Trojan Reach Sector (Gazulin Subsector). Very cool.
  • One Patent of Nobility Card for the title Knight of the Third Imperium issued for Spin 2715 Porozlo A867A74-B in the Spinward Marches Sector (Rhylanor Subsector), a high population world adjacent to Rhylanor itself. Cool.

Additioal Info

A PDF concerning Traveller Knighthood found on the web: http://www.traveller-tpp.com/PDFs/Knighthood.pdf‎ (Found on Traveller The Phoenix Project).

Other articles regarding Nobility in Traveller.

So I have spoken to a few friends old and new and I plan to host a Traveller 5 Campaign and will devellop this campaign here on this very page. Stay tuned…

Other Traveller Versions I play (or used to play)

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Traveller 2300 AD


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