Okt 11 2014

Starship – 600ton Subsidized Liner

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The Subsidized Liner comes in several variants. The most common being the standard Stellar-Class and the slightly modified Bastien-Class Liners. There is a supplement by Loren Wiseman on RPGNow detailing the ship in four variants, including Deckplans and Adventure Seeds.

600 Subsidized Liner 12 2 1 3 3 199 one month 134.50 Model/2bis std 5 21 20 s10(s20)

I have a problem with this ship, or – to be precise – with it’s subcraft. According to TNE it sports a 10ton launch (a life boat by CT definition or customs) , CT assigns a 20ton launch so well, why not a 30 ton ships boat? Nah, just kidding, but at the time the rendering was done, only the Ships Boat model was in a representable condition.

I will likely model the basic liner and at least the Mercenary Cruiser variant (similar to the ship detailed in the MegaTraveller Supplement Assignment: Vigilante available via RPGNow).

The image below shows a popular depiction of the Liner (well popular in my book). The subcraft Dock is normaly located beneath the main fuselage.


There are still a few models I am eager to make and the Liner is no exception. It is in the very early stages of blocking out the vessel, but a tiny preview is due taday. See… but wait… that’s a Ship’s Boat and it’s in a cradle on top of the hull. What the hell am I up to?

Below: an older image now superceeded by the above.


And that’s it for now. Cheers.

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