Jul 09 2016

TravMerge – Space Sim

Mirco @ 14:08

TravMerge – Traveller SimMerge

My thoughts about develloping a space sim based on Traveller using Simerge. This is the games description from the About-page:

Simerge is a space simulation project of mixed genre. I’m going to create a space game which should be a combination of elements from “X3 Reunion” and “EOC: Independance War 2″. In a few words, the gameplay will be mainly oriented on tactical, economy and combat elements. Additionally there is 1st/3rd person walking inside and outside.

Features and known Information

  • Seamless planet to orbit flight.
  • 1st and 3rd person character avaters.
  • Walking in station, on ships, on planets.
  • Singleplayer only.
  • Tactical and trade systems.
  • Last update to code 3+ years old.


Well ships use 3D Game Studios WMB file format. This is a commercial engine (Pro version costs in excess of 500 bucks, commercial is tagged at close to 200 bucks), which is a show stopper for simerge and my plans.

Whether simerge engine could handle obj/mtl files, or collada, remains to be evaluated, but my first guess is no (without solid programming skills). So… bad luck for me and back to Pioneer.


Character models are in CAL3D format, which defines model, skeleton and animation of a character. There js a Blender2CAL3D-Exporter for Blender 2.6x available. The charactervanimation system is moddable.


Not implemented or planned.

From the current information, I will not follow this approach any further.

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