Okt 14 2014

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Mirco @ 10:45

Traveller Ressources

Design Principles if Modules exist…

No Module is made of Modules it’s made of components. Ships can be made from components or modules.


My most important Link page out there is “robjects” Links to helpful T5 Stuff on CotI.


The others are great too…


Brian Smaller has something about the 50dt Modular Cutter. Great drawings!



And a variant, the Hauler…


Ian Steed is going overdrive producing one Traveller ship after the other.

http://biomassart.wordpress.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/moontoadpublishing or http://biomass.deviantart.com

Found on the web…

200dt TL15/12 Stingray XLC5F L.Range Courier, Corr…

70dt TL15 Fast Courier

40dt TL15 Armored Pinnace (AF6, HS=1/1, DM+6, 4G, …

20dt TL15 Fighter

90dt TL14 Armed Fast Shuttle, Type AA

400dt TL12 Subsidized Merchant, Type R, Mk2a3

400dt TL12 Subsidized Merchant, Type R, Mk2a1

20dt TL12 Model s2hs01e22a809, 8 Passenger Launch

200dt TL12 Fast Transport (Payload 30+30)

100dt TL9-13 Heavy Modular Cutter, Domain Standard…

50dt TL12 Standard Modular Cutter

40dt TL12 Strike Boat

40dt TL12 Standard Pinnace w/corrected values

40dt TL11 Pinnace

30dt TL12 Ship’s Boat, standard configuration

30dt TL11 Modular Skiff

20dt TL11 Launch

95dt TL10 Cargo Shuttle

100dt TL9+ Heavy Modular Cutter, Civilian Standard…

40dt TL9 Slow Pinnace with corrected values

400dt TL8-9 Subsidized Merchant, Type R, Mk1, “Fat…

20dt TL9 Modular Launch

40dt TL8 Spaceplane Orbiter/Shuttle

5dt TL7 Lander

200dt TL7 Transport

Various No Related Stuff


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