Aug 10 2016

Vehicle – Resolve G-Carrier

Mirco @ 13:16

An enclosed, armored military or paramilitary grav vehicle, intended for troop carrier duties. With performance similar to that of an air/raft, the G-carrier generally has a gun mount and a rear hatch door. It requires a crew of one driver (with air/raft skill), plus a gunner for the weapon, if any. It can carry 14 persons in total, plus two tons of cargo (or 250 kg of cargo for each person not carried). Thus driver, gunner and 5 tons of cargo is its maximum capacity.

Various examples include this Resolve (TL 12), as well as the Lopec (TL 15) and Kankurur (TL 15) classes of G-Carriers.

Vol (ac) Name Type TL Free NOE/Cruise/Top Duration KCr Seats Notes
3 (4) Resolve G-Carrier 9 20 30/75/125 4 weeks 300 16 pr, tu,fc






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