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Mirco @ 18:38

Basically a List of Links leading to – well – Traveller Deckplans. Partly annotated.

Deck Plan Collections

Robert Pearce’s Traveller 15mm Deck Plan Collection
Google image search for large „Traveller Deckplans“

Brook’s Traveller Lowport
Alathan’s Traveller Deckplans
Library Data for Traveller
Sci-Fi Space Ship Deck Plan Stencils (for Microsoft Visio)
The Traveller Deckplan Page
Distant Places
Deck Plans
Starship Dimensions
Ron Vutpakdi’s Traveller Deck Plans
Traveller Deckplans Webring Hub
Sample Hand-Drawn Deckplans
Peter’s Traveller Page

Rigel Stardin’s Deckplans on CotI

Individual Deck Plans

Empress Marava Class Far Trader
Artemis Class Armed Exploration Scout
Gazelle Class Close Escort

Ian Steed’s Deckplans

200dt Far Trader
100dt Huntress (Blueprints)
100dt AeroScout
The Lugh
Vargr Strike Fighter

My own Traveller Designs & Deck Plans

Challenge Class – Type R 400dt Subsidized Merchant

and its deckplan…

(more to come, sooner or later…)

Non Traveller Designs

Marava /Garu Class Deckplan Upper Deck

Marava / Garu Class Deckplan Lower Deck

Dark Nova RPG Deckplans

Traveller Shipyard

Links pointing to Ship Design Software and Spreadsheets for Traveller

Classic Traveller (Book 2) / High Guard (Book 5)

found on The Draconis Cluster

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