Okt 09 2014

Traveller Calendar 2016

Mirco @ 19:45

Note: Scroll to bottom for the most recent WIP render!

This time it’s getting difficult for me to get an image ready in time. Ian Steed, the publisher, sort of requested an image with a Type EC Gazelle Class Close Escort, while leaving it open to provide the community with a rendition of a Donosev Class Scout ISV for a change.

However these two vessels are far from complete and I am looking for alternatives to save some time. There is an image by Tom Peters that I wanted to make a new rendition of for a long time.

Inspection Boarding by Drell-7 on deviantART

And both vessels involved are textured and somewhat ready for use.

I sketched this some time ago in order to get a new perspective on that image and maybe – just maybe – this will be where I’m heading to this year.

2014-10-09 20.22.08First renders coming up…




Starting with my own planet, icebelt and spacescape in Blender






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