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Character (MT) – Harlan Wolfe

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Character (MT, 1110)

Harlan Wolfe – Scout (46) – generated with MT CharGen by Zarkol (hosted with permission)

Year's Endgame Character
Harlan Wolfe Scout 468BC8 Age 46 7 Terms
Electronics-3 Grav Vehicle-3 Pilot-3 Mechanical-2 Vacc Suit-2
Demolitions-1 Instruction-1 Jack-of-all-Trades-1 Laser Weapons-1 Computer-1
Handgun-0 (im Training +1) Engineering-0
Laser Rifle Snub Pistol Laser Pistol
Ship Share: „Tin Lizzie" Type-A Beowulf Class Position: Pilot Cr. 50,000
Homeworld Scandia / Arcturus (Solomani Rim 2628) UWP A658969-E Starmap

MgT-CharacterSheet (incomplete), based on this Fillable PDF.

Harlan was born and raised in an Imperial Naval Garrison on Scandia in 1064. Even though he befriended local kids during his younger years, there always remained a political tension between him and his friends and their families. Later in school and college these political gaps widened and to prevent himself from having to report his friends suspected pro- Solomani Confederation activities to the Naval Command on Scandia he enlisted with the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service as soon as he turned 18 and left Scandia for good.

In the following 28 years he lived the life of a first in scout mainly. Lots of Special Duties during the 4th Frontier War (1082-1084 during his 1st Term) and 5th Frontier War (1107-1109, during his 5th Term) boosted his Education and Experience and when his trusty old Scout/Courier was finally decommissioned ut of old age he discharged honorably on Rhylanor in the Spinward Marches with a meager pension of 14KCr per year and some cash.

For some reason – and he still swears he got tricked into the deal – he accepted an offer to crew a Safari Ship to Kegena (Amber Zone) two weeks later, where he got separated from the ship and it’s guests. Harlan ended up passed out in a hotel near a tiny Frontier Starport, where he eventually met a few other stranded Travellers who regularly gathered at the establishment to drink away the pain and sorrow that only an amber zone frontier world can cause.

The only ship that ever visited the planet during the week Harlan and his new friends spend on the beautiful but unrestful world of Kegena was a dusty, old and pretty beaten up Free Trader called Tin Lizzy, which had already sat rusting on the Tarmac of the Class E Port when he arrived with no crew in sight or business visible.

Finally he managed to get the local authorities to make an offer to acquire the ship for a ridiculously low sum of credits that practically reeked from something being utterly wrong with the ship.

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