Okt 11 2014

Small Craft – 30ton Ship’s Boat

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After I made a modular Cutter about two years ago, I planned to do all the standard Small Craft. I sort of relauched that project recently. This is the current State of the Ship’s Boat.

Vol Name TL Free Gs Fuel Duration MCr Computer Notes
30 Ship’s Boat  13+ 16 6 2t 4 weeks 14.8 Model/1bis
30ton Ship's Boat Combi Configuration

30ton Ship’s Boat Combi Configuration


I think I will need the finished boat for the 600ton Subsidized Liner, that’s also on my workbench atm. But both vessels are far from complete.

The 30ton Ship’s Boat and 20ton Launch share the same diameter hull and front section. As visible at the cockpit window configuration these craft have three windows out front. The 50ton Modular Cutter and the 40ton Research Pinnace however share a 6m diameter hull and the same front section to. These cockpits have four windows out front.

30ton Ships Boat Double Cargo Gate Configuration

30ton Ships Boat Double Cargo Gate Configuration

The image below shows two updated models above the Slow Boat.



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