Okt 14 2014

Traveller – Star Trader (Solo- or Solitaire RPG)

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Today I grabbed Zozer’s Star Trader from DriveThruRPG.com (at less than 5 bucks a bargain, I’d say). And I plan to play a tiny series of adventure trading using that game. I printed it out in EU A5 size to match the format of the LBBs. I plan to play a potentially unhealthy mix of T5 and Classic Traveller with Book 2+ Rules, some house rules and a bit of handwaveium. What ever I use I will document that ion the project site.

Using this I will try to illustrated some (probably only very few) ships or perhaps even scenes to support my star trader’s diary.

My reference material will be…

  1. Star Trader by Zozer Games
  2. a few 6 sided Traveller dice
  3. travellermap.com
  4. Traveller deckplans from the web
  5. a spreadsheet on my tablet (google tables)
  6. some pregenerated characters (which will be described)
  7. http://eaglestone.pocketempires.com

And last and hopefully not least „imagination“. I want to play a trader on the edge. Maybe a smuggler or a pitential pirate. One who skips maintenance repairs, crew salaries and is otherwise quite nice. He’s not Mal Reynolds but Firefly flaor will certainly touch this solo game.

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