Aug 10 2016

Vehicle – Kankurur G-Carrier

Mirco @ 12:44

The Kankurur-class G-Carrier, manufactured by Ling Standard Products, is heavily used by the Scouts and Navy. Designed in 1095, the first model was commissioned in 1097. Individual models are named after significant life-forms on Imperial worlds. The kankurur itself is a large bird of prey native to Vland ( Vland / Vland 1717).

The vehicle is primarily used for survey and reconnaissance missions. Built with TL 15 construction throughout, it mounts a full array of sensors and a planetary-range meson communicator . The fusion power plant is fed by a fuel supply of 22,000 litres; this provides an operational duration of 20 full days, which equates to 60 days of 8-hour shifts. The ultra-heavy grav modules provide 99 tons of thrust, giving the G-Carrier a top speed of 240kph, with a cruising speed of 180kph and an NOE speed of 190kph.

The vehicle’s sealed environment can be pressurised to provide full life-support for the crew. An aft airlock opens to the roof as well as the rear. A galley, four fold-up bunks, and a fresher allow extended missions.

EMS active and passive sensors, a neutrino sensor , and a densitometer give a full range of information to the surveyors on board. The planetary-range meson communicator allows near-instantaneous contact with any other station within planetary range. Fully loaded, the G-Carrier can carry the pilot, 5 passengers, and 27kl of cargo. It weighs 55 tons empty, and 88 tons loaded, costing MCr10.631.

(Library Data Source)

Vol (ac) Name Type TL Free NOE/Cruise/Top Duration KCr Seats Notes
3 (4) Kankurur G-Carrier 9 20 30/75/125 4 weeks 300 16 pr, tu,fc


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