Okt 18 2014


Mirco @ 17:00

Star Trader – Traveller Solo Play (Solitaire Play)

A few Days ago I grabbed Zozer’s Star Trader from DriveThruRPG.com (at less than 5 bucks a bargain, I’d say). And I plan to play a tiny series of adventure trading using that game. I printed it out in EU A5 size to match the format of the LBBs. I plan to play a potentially unhealthy mix of T5, MgT and Classic Traveller with Book 2+ Rules, some house rules and a bit of handwaveium. What ever I use I will document that ion the project site.

Using this I will try to illustrate some (probably only very few) ships or perhaps even scenes to support my star trader’s diary.

My reference material will be…

Mongoose Traveller SRD (travellersrd.com | enworld.org)

Especially the Trade-Rules the Spacecraft Operation Rules and the Space Combat Rules.

Fillable Character Sheet

Star Trader by Zozer Games

a few 6 sided Traveller dice

Dice Rolling Andriod Apps:

Dice Replacement by GMG Inc., DiceBag by Droidhut or Quick Dice Roller by Ohmnibus

Maybe I will automate some processes using a spreadsheet, but don’t expect that to be downloadable.

Sector/Subsector Maps, Route Planning, Trade

a spreadsheet on my tablet (google tables)

Ship info, Orientation, Load Diagrams, etc.
Traveller deckplans from the web

One of the great ship books from Moon Toad Publishing, like the 100t Pukharra, the 300t Lune or even the 400t Type-R

To actually play:
some pregenerated characters (which will be described) or taken from the „Traveller Crew For Hire“ product line by 13Mann found on DTRPG like Traveller Crew for Hire: Gunners which costs about $1.20 each. This will require you to find a name for each character as well as a suitable UPP.
My hardcover Kickstarter Traveller 5 Core Rules, my hardcover Mongoose Traveller Core Rulebook, as well as Rob eaglestones superb Traveller 5 Tools and helpful links on: http://eaglestone.pocketempires.com
And last and hopefully not least “imagination”. I want to play an ex-Scout gone trader on the edge. Maybe a smuggler or a potential pirate. One who skips maintenance repairs, crew salaries if needed and otherwise can be quite nice. He’s not Mal Reynolds but Firefly flavor will certainly touch this solo game.

Traveller Pioneer Space Sim (Computer Game)

This is just a thought experiment so far. I recently re-discovered pioneerspacesim on the Internet and thought that it would be nice to fly Traveller starships in that game.
So off I went, grabbed my Free Trader Model and build a mod to integrate it into the game. A mod is short for modification and describes a community creazed add-on part of the game that changes it’s content, functionality or appearance. A mod replacing all of these aspects together is referred to as a total conversion.

Well I just want different looking ships and see where I end up. Here is a short page decribing my idea in more detail.

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