Sep 07 2015

Traveller Pioneer – Space Sim

Mirco @ 14:48

Ebenso wie VS Traveller stellt Traveller Pioneer ein Gedankenexperiment dar. Das Ziel ist die Erstellung eines nicht öffentlichen Traveller-Mods für das Open Source Spiel  Pioneer Space Sim.

Modding Info:

Add-ons die nicht im Spiel integriert sind… aber „nice to have“…

  • Ein Charakter-Generator ähnlich wie Fuse (erhältlich via Steam)

Es scheint als könnte man die Traveller Modelle dieser Webseite als Collada-Datei „shipname.dae“aus Blender exportieren, nachdem diese ein separates Layer mit Attachment Definitionen erhalten haben. Dann erstellt man eine Model-Textdatei „shipname.model“ in der das Mesh und die Material-Definition definiert sind und packt diese in eine ZIP-Datei „“. Die ZIP-Datei und eine Schiffskonfigurationsdatei „shipname.lua“ werden unter /data/models/ abgelegt und sind im Spiel verfügbar.

So die Theorie…

English Caption

Under the working name Traveller Pioneer the game could also be a non-commercial Mod for Pioneer Space Sim It is an alternative to VS Traveller above with the exact identical gameplay in mind.We are going to test both engines on an older surplus Office PC with lower VGA-Specs to evaluate performance differences of the engine.

Pioneer seems to have a very active Community, it’s also customizable, features an Open Source Game Engine and is a sandbox single player game. It offers top notch graphic add-ons and loads of scripts that expand gameplay. Furthermore it has working planet to space transition and on planet locations implemented.

It does not have Subcraft if I recall correctly, but I could live with that for a while. Pioneer is based on pure Newtonian Physiscs. while very challenging and fun you are required to actually learn flying the ships, especially landing them. Belive me, going from a Multi-Mach re-entry speed to zero (drift, yaw, pitch, roll wise), on a tiny landing pad is not easy. On the other hand you can dive deep down onto planets. Great fun.

Next could be Oolite, an open world space opera. Multi platform, highly customizeable, low impact on hardware resources. However it generates its universe only procedurally. That wouldn’t work with vsTraveller.

The goal is to use Models created for Traveller Illustrated and a Traveller Starmap / Game Universe. This will include probably only the Foreven Sector, ideally one of the more explored sectors like the Spinward Marches or the Reavers Deep Sector. That also depends on what Mark Miller’s position to this would be (I haven’t asked yet because I’m only in the planning stages).

I’m afraid this will remain a closed project for licensing reasons. I will have to inquire and get permission first to deploy such a data set using all the copyrighted material from the game. And to be honest at this time VS Traveller is just a name and a thought experiment. I will show ingame screenshots and footage if that becomes feasible. But do not expect to see anythin happen very soon on this page.

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