Jul 24 2016

Small Craft – 40ton Slow Pinnace (CT)

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My take on the Classic Traveller Slow Pinnace. Standard or „fast“ Pinnace soon to follow.

Vol Name TL Free Gs Fuel Duration MCr Computer Notes
40 Slow Pinnace 9 30 2 0.5t 18 days 15.1 Model/1bis C

NOTES: B = Lift Body. C = Cramped Bridge. K = Cargo Lock. L0 = Short Term Life Support. L2 = Long Term
Life Support. S = Spacious Bridge. +5 = Overtonnage by 5 tons.
Vol. Volume, in tons.
Name. Official name for the small craft.
TL. Technological Level at which this ship is manufactured.
Free. Open, configurable space, in tons.
Gs. Acceleration, in gravities.
Fuel/Duration. Fuel tank size, and operational time given a full tank.
MCr. Price of small craft in millions of credits.
Computer. Computer model installed by default.
lnk = link to external reference / original design


The above image shows the folded lower fin in landing position.
The image below shows an intermediate position.


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