Okt 26 2014

Small Craft – 30ton Slow Cargo Boat

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Based on my 30ton Ships Boat Model with a slightly shortened hull, this winged boat has much greater cargo capacity than the Ship’s Boat at the cost of accelleration.

30 ;Slow Boat ;10 ;20 ;3 ;0.5t;16 days ;13 ;Model/1 ;C




Texture variant „Imperiallines“


Texture Variant „Navy“


It features the same landing gear as the Boat or Cutter, is based on a 5m diameter hull with a slightly elongated nose cone.


The container visible in the Render above is a 4 dton Container measuring 6m x 3m x 3m. All three craft are designed to be loaded with this container in mind. Of course a lot of capacity is wasted carrying containers due to the circular cross section, Except for the slow boat whose cargobay rear of the loading gate has a rectangular crossection.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

However loading two of these boxes side by side would be a very tight fit there too. Considering this the Rhaan Interstellar variant of this craft has side loading gates at the rear section too. These are complemented by loading davits that hoist one container into the bay on each side. The container however needs to be placed beneath the wings with the cargo gates open.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension

All „tubular“ Traveller RPG small craft follow the same basic layout. Maybe I should to try to explain…

The bow section houses cockpit, sensors, computer, fresher, weapon control and airlock, next to the center is either a passenger compartment or the cargo bay, wich is always located in front of the powerplant housed in the rear section just in front of the maneuver drive. Front and rear are seperated by bulkheads. Fuel and piping or wiring, safety equipment and sometimes more storage space is located beneath the deck. Wings, fins and the like were also used as a distinguishing feature.

Here are deckplans that illustrate the concept (not this particular craft):

Typical craft were a small 20ton Launch, the larger 30ton Boat, an even larger 40ton Pinnace and at 50ton the Cutter, each with several slow, fast or modular variants. These are very typical Traveller subcraft dating back to the mid 70ies. ☺

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