Nov 09 2014

Starship – 2500 ton Type-TI/TJ Fontier Transport

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General Notes

In Traveller 5 designing equivalent ships to their CT, MT or TNE counterparts becomes impractical for larger hulls. The new system has been designed with consistency in mind which makes some of the older designs questionable. That is not necessarily a bad thing. After all it’s just the fact that the old designs were around for more than a quarter of a century and Traveller players are quite used to their stats that might want us to make the old design work in T5.

Rob Eaglestone – Co-Author of T5 and in my view the de-facto shipwright and primary capacity regarding T5 ship design – opened my eyes yesterday, that it might be time to come up with new design aproaches to achieve the same design goals specified when the craft had been orignally specified.

In that regard this 2500ton version of the Frontier Transport tries to implement a new concept. It might become a 2400ton or 2600+ton variant in the process and it will be different from the original in a few aspects.

There are a few common features that both ships share. Both are equipped with identical grapples, fixtures and connections to use and transport Drop Tanks or the Frontier Barge. Both have passive external fixtures to connect a Frontier Barge to the hull. The necessary grapples are part of the barge. Both ships can also use Drop Tanks inside the cargo bay or the Barge to refuel inflight using Fuel Transfer Pumps. The Drop Tanks carried aboard can be used as additional fuel tankage.

As opposed to the Texts all cargo bays aboard are designed to be used as additional tankage. They are specified as bulk liquid cargo hold to include the pumps, coating and sealing for the storage of hydrogen fuel, they are also accessible as standard cargo bays. Please note that any fuel needs to be treated as unrefined if the cargo bays are not cleaned for fuel usage prior to filling the holds with hydrogen. An optional addition could be flexible tank „bubbles“ inside each hold that are filled with the hydrogen.

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Nov 08 2014

Starship – 2000ton Type-TJ Frontier Transport

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General Information

Using a 2000-ton, TL15 hull, the Type-TJ Class Transport mounts jump drive-V3 and power plant-V3, giving a performance of jump-6. Fuel tankage supports a 6 parsec jump, at 200t per parsec, and 0.5 months of operations. Attached to the bridge is a Computer Model/6 std. There are 12 crew staterooms and 5 low berths. Installed weaponry include 3 T3 Missiles, 3 T3 Fusion Guns, and 4 T3 Sandcasters. The ship does have 40 tons of cargo space. The ship has a streamlined hull, with scoops for frontier refueling.

Carried craft include 1 Cargo Shuttle, 1 Air/Raft Enclosed, and 1 Grapple Set Triple. The ship has 6 crew plus gunners, flight and troops, and can carry 5 low passengers.


At Jump-6 this design is essentially not possible as there is no way to fit these stats into the ship while still retaining a 300dt (4050kl) Cargo bay. My design has 36dt overtonnage to fit a 40dt cargobay inside. rediculously small I’d say. And the concept of computers seems to have changed in T5, because neither this nor the Type-TI could ever fit thre Model/9 computers ito the hull and still come close to the MT stats.

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Nov 06 2014

Starship – 300ton Star Class Armored Merchant

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300dt Armored Merchant

Using a 300-ton, TL12 hull, the Star v0.4 Class Armored Merchant mounts jump drive-E, maneuver drive-B, and power plant-E, giving a performance of jump-3 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a 3 parsec jump, at 30t per parsec, and one month of operations. Attached to the bridge is a Computer Model/2bis std. There are 13 staterooms and 10 low berths. Installed weaponry include 1 T3 Missile, and 2 T3 Beam Lasers. Cargo capacity is 46 tons. The ship has a streamlined hull, with scoops for frontier refueling. The ship carries 1 Air/Raft Enclosed. The ship has 6 crew, and can carry 8 passengers and 10 low passengers.

Rhaan Interstellar Corp - 300dt Star Class Armored Merchant "Solar Flare"

Rhaan Interstellar Corp – 300dt Star Class Armored Merchant „Solar Flare“


Name TL Free Gs J PP Fuel Duration MCr Computer Crew Psgr. LB Notes


Armored Merchant 12 50 1 3 3 99 one month 135.36 Computer Model/2 bis 6 8 10 sl,a/r

I already modeled the ship some time ago and I think it came out very nicely. The one thing I am sure William H. Keith, Jr. would have done differently is the windows (there are Bill Kieth styled windows in a lot of Traveller starship images. If you’re interested I made a ship with two variants, one of which depicts this style.

My friend Bill Connors asked me if he could play with the model and I think he did a great job. So good that it put this ship off my priority list of starships „to texture“. See:

Aslan Nebula by AbaKon on deviantART

Starbound by AbaKon on deviantART

Armored Merchant WIP 05

Armored Merchant WIP 05

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Nov 06 2014

Starship – 400dt Patrol Cruiser (Corvette)

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400dt Patrol Corvette (Patrol Cruiser)



 :HEADER Patrol/Escort Patrol Corvette EP-DS43, TL 12, 400 tons, MCr 162

Using a 400-ton, TL12 hull, the Patrol Corvette mounts the Gayle Field type 03 jump drive (F), the Slipstream Hw.44 maneuver drive (H), and the Zahinyo 4.6H/s power plant (H), giving a performance of jump-3 and 4G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a 3 parsec jump, at 40t per parsec, and one month of operations. Attached to the bridge is a Computer Model/3 std. There are 8 staterooms, barracks for gunners and troops, and 4 low berths. Installed weaponry include 2 T3 Missiles, and 2 T3 Beam Lasers. Cargo capacity is 50 tons. The ship has a streamlined hull.

Vol Name TL Free Gs J PP Fuel Duration MCr Computer Crew Psgr. LB Notes
400 Patrol Cruiser 12 50 4 3 4 136 4 weeks 162 Model/3 std 8 0 4 10 barracks, s30, gc

Carried craft include 1 Slow Boat (hangared), and 1 GCarrier (in a niche). The ship has 10 crew and 8 troops.


 Table showing tail numbers and construction information for the Patrol Corvette class. 
 Information correct as of 001-1100.
             	  Building          	  Keel Laid	  First    	  Current  
 Tail ID     	  Shipyard          	       Down	  Flight   	  Status   
 ____________	  __________________	  _________	  _________	  _________
 D43-400     	  Gashidda No. 3    	   177-1090	   353-1092	  Building
 D43-403     	  Zagado            	   348-1090	   117-1093	  In Service
 D43-411     	  Vlandian No. 2    	    71-1091	   163-1093	  Destroyed
 D43-417     	  Yard 11 No. 1     	   211-1091	   158-1092	  In Service
 D43-444     	  Vlandian No. 2    	    90-1092	   360-1092	  Scrapped
 D43-446     	  Sabaald           	    91-1092	   141-1094	  Fitting Out
 D43-465     	  Yard 16 No. 2     	    88-1092	   101-1093	  Captured
 D43-467     	  Clan Severn       	   313-1092	   184-1095	  In Service
 D43-477     	  Yard 11 No. 1     	   364-1092	   300-1094	  In Service
 D43-481     	  Gashidda No. 1    	    81-1093	   263-1095	  Lost 1102
 D43-489     	  Yard 16 No. 3     	   132-1093	   337-1094	  In Service
 D43-495     	  Commonal          	   239-1093	   320-1096	  In Service
 D43-519     	  Sabaald           	   272-1093	   154-1095	  Lost 1100
 D43-531     	  Gashidda No. 2    	    73-1094	   135-1096	  In Service
 D43-534     	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   144-1094	   313-1095	  Lost 1102
 D43-555     	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   275-1094	   122-1097	  Scrapped
 D43-572     	  Yard 17           	    16-1095	   193-1098	  Missing
 D43-587     	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   212-1095	   249-1096	  Missing
 D43-596     	  Gashidda No. 1    	   251-1095	   198-1096	  In Service
 D43-614     	  Bilstein Yards    	    32-1096	   326-1096	  In Service
 D43-628     	  Ling Standard     	   164-1096	    71-1099	  In Service
 D43-639     	  Vlandian No. 1    	   213-1096	   359-1098	  Scrapped
 D43-649     	  Mars              	   174-1096	     2-1098	  In Service
 D43-660     	  Commonal          	   233-1096	    44-1099	  Building
   Vol  No  Label                            MCr  Notes                         
 -----  --  ------------------------------ -----  ------------------------------
   400      Streamlined Hull, lifters         30  S, lifters                    
   120      Jump Fuel (3  parsecs)             0  3 parsec jump, at 40t per parsec
    16      Plant Fuel (one month)             0  one month                     
     4      Landing legs with pads             4                                
     2      Fins                               1                                
    25      PowerPlant-4 (H)                  25  P 4                           
    35      Jump Drive-3 (F)                  35  J 3                           
    16      AV=24. 2 Kinetic Plate             0                                
     3      Computer Model/3 std            10.5                                
     0      AR Surf Communicator             1.5                                
     0      AR Surf Jammer                   1.5                                
     0      AR Surf Scope                    1.5                                
     0      AR Surf Neutrino Detector        1.5                                
     1      AR Ant EMS                       1.5                                
     0      AR Surf Stealth Mask             1.5                                
     2   2  AR T3 Missile                    2.4                                
     2   2  Vd T3 Beam Laser                   3                                
    50      Cargo Hold Basic                   0                                
     2      Life Support Long Term             2  40 person-months              
     4      Surgery                            3                                
     2      Counsellor                       0.2                                
     1   2  Air Lock                         0.2                                
    40      Slow Boat (hangared)              14                                
    12      GCarrier (niche)                 4.5                                
   7.5      Mod Maneuver Drive-4 (H)          15  4 G                           
     8   2  Gunner/Troop Barracks            0.4  (5) R1 R1 R2 R2 R3            
     2   4  Low Berth                        0.4  1 passenger                   
    16   8  Crew Stateroom                   0.8  1 crew                        
    16   4  Crew Lounge                        0                                
     1   2  Crew Shared Fresher                1  4 crew                        
    10      Spacious Bridge                  0.6  1cc 4op 0ws                   
   398                              TOTALS   162

Nov 06 2014

Traveller Calendar 2015 is out…

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…and „Meet The Lone Lady“ made it onto the August sheet. Check it out here: or here:


Traveller Calendar 2015 Preview embedded from


Okt 27 2014

Small Craft – 50 ton Modular Cutter w Container Module

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The Modular Cutter is a versatile craft. However in some cases the circular cross section is not optimal. The images below show a Cutter with a module that features a rectangular cross section almost over it’s entire length. Only the end „caps“ with the landing gear and cutter’s connectors as well as the overhead fixtures remain the same as on any other module. It is an unstreamlined module however.

50 ;Modular Cutter ;11+ ;34 ;4 ;2t;4 weeks ;27 ;Model/3bis;



The Container Module has 35 tons and affects the performance of the cutter by reducing accelleration by 1g. The image below shows the same module with an optional AeroCowl installed, that partially streamlines the module and provides better handling capabilities in an atmosphere. The cowl can be installed by two workers within 30 minutes, provided they have access to some lifting device or a forklift.




 Various Variants






Navy 2



Navy 3


More to come…

Okt 26 2014

Small Craft – 30ton Slow Cargo Boat

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Based on my 30ton Ships Boat Model with a slightly shortened hull, this winged boat has much greater cargo capacity than the Ship’s Boat at the cost of accelleration.

30 ;Slow Boat ;10 ;20 ;3 ;0.5t;16 days ;13 ;Model/1 ;C




Texture variant „Imperiallines“


Texture Variant „Navy“


It features the same landing gear as the Boat or Cutter, is based on a 5m diameter hull with a slightly elongated nose cone.


The container visible in the Render above is a 4 dton Container measuring 6m x 3m x 3m. All three craft are designed to be loaded with this container in mind. Of course a lot of capacity is wasted carrying containers due to the circular cross section, Except for the slow boat whose cargobay rear of the loading gate has a rectangular crossection.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)

However loading two of these boxes side by side would be a very tight fit there too. Considering this the Rhaan Interstellar variant of this craft has side loading gates at the rear section too. These are complemented by loading davits that hoist one container into the bay on each side. The container however needs to be placed beneath the wings with the cargo gates open.

30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension

All „tubular“ Traveller RPG small craft follow the same basic layout. Maybe I should to try to explain…

The bow section houses cockpit, sensors, computer, fresher, weapon control and airlock, next to the center is either a passenger compartment or the cargo bay, wich is always located in front of the powerplant housed in the rear section just in front of the maneuver drive. Front and rear are seperated by bulkheads. Fuel and piping or wiring, safety equipment and sometimes more storage space is located beneath the deck. Wings, fins and the like were also used as a distinguishing feature.

Here are deckplans that illustrate the concept (not this particular craft):

Typical craft were a small 20ton Launch, the larger 30ton Boat, an even larger 40ton Pinnace and at 50ton the Cutter, each with several slow, fast or modular variants. These are very typical Traveller subcraft dating back to the mid 70ies. ☺

Okt 11 2014

News – Updated articles of the past…

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I recently updated the article about my 50ton Modular Cutter setting out a module and ATV. Have a look…

Modular Cutter w ContModule

Patrol Cruiser

  • Cunningham
  • SAR Cutter
  • System Guard
  • Undecorated Model

Modular Cutter

  • SAR Modular Cutter
  • Local Carrier
  • Remote Merchant

Module Setout

  • Landing Cutter
  • Prepare Module
  • Launch Cutter
  • Waiting Module
  • Open Clamshell Doors
  • Rotate Boom
  • Deploy Tracks
  • Relase ATV and drive off

Various Small Craft

  • 20ton Launch
  • 30ton Ship's Boat Combi Configuration
  • 30ton Ships Boat Double Cargo Gate Configuration
  • 30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension
  • 30ton Slow Cargo Boat w Container Extension (closed)
  • 30ton Slow Cargo Boat Std.

Research Pinnace

  • Combi Carrier
  • Passenger Shuttle
  • Cargo Hauler

More to come…

Mai 21 2014

Judges Guild Starships Facelifting

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So, long time no posting. That’ll change in the near future. I currently plan to revisit the JG ships and craft. First to give you an idea were I’m heading a scan of the original craft…tmp_Screenshot_2014-05-21-08-35-05-1-1215362326


And that same image painted over with the planned facelift…


I hope to start modelling these during May and will keep you updated here.



Mrz 27 2014

Traveller Illustrated Re-Launch complete

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We have successfully completed the technical re-lauch of the site. The new site will be more structured concentrating on Traveller 5 designs. We will have our Work in Progress reports here in the News Section but will move completed works into our Projects area wich will eventually provide data sheets, illustrations and deckplans of various classic Traveller starships, space craft and vehicles ported to Traveller 5.

Have Fun

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