Apr 19 2013

Small Craft – Boquist Class 40ton Research Pinnace

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This boat is supposed to dock with the central hub of 400ton Lab Ship / Ring Laboratory. The Boquist Class Research Pinnace differs from the ordinary Pinnace in it’s tubular shape. It is basically a shortened Cutter with a fixed interior configuration. The 40ton craft show here is designed to carry up to 24 Passengers plus 9tons of cargo in its hold. The cargo bay occupies most of the boat’s height in front of the engineering section, which can carry one or two 4-Seater Air/Rafts (e.g. a Hurricane enclosed Air/Raft). Or one such vehicle plus some Equipment and supplys.


The Research Pinnace serves a multitude of roles including but not limited to transferring Passengers and scientific personnel between the Lab Ship and orbital or ground destinations, performing supply and service runs to stationary sensor installations as well as various pieces of research equipment left on interesting sites or satellites as well as signalling and marker buoys deployed in a planetary or stellar orbit.

There are specialised equipment containers specifically designed for use in Aircraft or tubular spacecraft hulls, which have a bevelled short side normally facing the outer wall of the hold and a straight short side facing the inside of the hold.

I actually never planned to do a lab ship, but I like the idea of building it just to complement the Research Pinnace.

Has anyone ever calculated the Labship stats when docking a modular cutter instead of the Pinnace? Will it suffer dramatically in Performance (we might argue about the term “performance” but we know she’s no racing ship)? Well maybe I should just go for it myself…

Hope you like.

PS: Though I have a half finished Donosev on my workspace, I quite enjoy modeling tubular small craft atm, so a 20ton Launch and 30ton Ship’s Boat are possibly next in line.

Here’s a tiny preview to what I have in mind (click on image to jump to article)…

Stats and Info: Boquist Class 40ton Research Pinnace

Lundquist Class 40ton Modular Pinnace. This is basically the same Ship but configured to operate like the modular cutter. Pinace modules however are 20 ton modules.

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Small Craft – Boquist Class 40ton Research Pinnace
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