Nov 03 2014

Small Craft – 95ton Shuttle

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Rosendal class Shuttle

95 ;Shuttle ;10 ;71 ;3 ;3t;33 days ;32.3 ;Model/3 ;K, L2, +5



The shuttle is a large interplanetary passenger and cargo vessel. This type of shuttle can operate between a port and an orbital facility fitted out to allow easy docking, but normally is used for interplanetary trade.

Now, there are several illustrations of Traveller shuttles and none of the deck plans that I am aware of actually show this particular craft as drawn by William H. Keith, Jr. for GDW’s Imperial Encyclopedia, but for me it is THE shuttle and so I went on to make a 3D model for my Frontier Transport.

This is what basically came out:



The craft can also be seen in the following images:



Rosendal Class 90ton Shuttle WIP

Rosendal Class 90ton Shuttle WIP

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