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When I started this website in 2009, the primary goal of the site was to visualize Traveller starships in a more contemporary way, much like some skillful CG artists succeeded to do in recent years. Well modeling in the third dimension has become a hobby for me and I do have more things in mind than just starships. Let’s see where the road will lead me.

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For Traveller related CG Rob Caswell, Tom Peters, the late Bryan Gibson, the late Andrew Boulton, Jesse de Graff, Ted LindseyWayne Peters and Ian Steed– among a few others – are a major source of inspiration for me.

A more recent image I made for the Traveller Calender 2014 wich never came to be, but the image is now featured in the current Traveller Calendar 2015.


Meet the Lone Lady

Traveller 5 Wall of Heroes (3rd Panel, 3rd Column, 21st Entry)

The site developed really well but in 2013 I relaunched and sort of managed to get rid of the database of older articles. So until I can recover the 2009 to 2012 articles, the archive reaches back to the date of the relaunch.

By the way the main reason for doing a Traveller Web site at that time in 2009 was due to the fact that I had rediscovered three old 3D models of Traveller ships I made about five or six years earlier.

All three are shown in the following rendering done in Cinema 4D CE+


Class C Starport

A Type-T Patrol Cruiser (Lurushaar Kilaalum), a Type-R Subsidized Merchant or Fat Trader and a 50 dton Modular Cutter. The Grav-Carrier is somewhat inspired by a Sword Worlds Gram Grav APC mixed with a flavour of a Kariku Grav Carrier, but matches none closely. Oh, and there are two Grav Floaters in the picture.

Let’s see if I can do something visually more promising out of that scene…

The next steps will be to soup up the available models so they acually match some of the drawings in various Traveller books I own. I might provide the old – inaccurate – models for download later, so anyone with a decent 3D software can render her or his own Traveller space scenes.

I will use Blender for future modelling and rendering (*hint*). But you will also see various images rendered with Cinema 4D CE+ or other Applications.

My first project will be the Type-T Patrol Cruiser as it seems to be neglected by current artists and the model already looks close. I will devote a page of resource info for each model if applicable. Of course to induce some sanity into the design, my version will feature folding lower fins 😉

So just to gain a better point of view – and more light – here is another shot of the same scene from a different camera angle:


Busy Class C Starport

So, welcome aboard! Stay tuned and prepare for dimming the lights.

The new mission of this site is to recreate a bunch of ships, craft and vehicles from OTU Classic Traveller and MegaTraveller with an evolution of design applied to these. This could be a facelift only or a complete redesign to make the vehicle or ship fit to the descriptions published in CT or MT material. Each model is to be easily recognised by Traveller players.

In regard to this new mission the following render shows a re-make with more current assets:


Busy Industrial Shuttle Port

So, welcome aboard! Stay tuned and prepare for dimming the lights.


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