Starship – 200ton JG Safari Ship (WIP)

Judges Guild 200ton Safari 234 Class by KZM Industries

The Simba Safari is one of the Safari 234 Class built by KZM Industries on Warlock (Ley – 0529). It has numerous special features designed for the Out Hunter. The hull form is a wedge shaped, streamlined, lifting body, easily maneuverable in an atmosphere. The Safari Class is designed for landings in rough terrain with specially strengthened support gear. Capable of 1 G accelleration and Jump 2, this vessel is fitted with fuel scoops and a purification plant for it’s 50 tons of fuel. The bridge is eqipped with control stations for four; pilot, navigator, engineer, and gunner. The computer installed is a Model/1 bis with standard software package. A double turret is installed on the single hardpoint, mounting a SandCaster and a Beam Laser. Auxiliary vehicles comprise an internally stowed 4-ton air/raft and a dorsally mounted 20ton Launch/Lifeboat. Two tons are reserwed for cargo, with special cages fitted to hold 10 and 13 tons respectively. Interior fittings are of high quality, and the living quarters are especially luxurious.

The first ship of it’s Class carries the name „Starflame Safari“, others carry the name of memorable adventures/ safaris/ journeys: e.g. Rubesa Patrol, Nebula Rover, Dawn Trek, Rimward Run, Wilderness Wanderer, or like this vessel Simba Safari.

My self declared mission is to model all the iconic CT starships. Of course I want to portray a few that haven’t been covered by other artists in much detail before, such as this little beauty. The Safari 234 Class 200dt Judges Guild Safari Ship was featured in the supplement Simba Safari published by Judges Guild and now re-published in PDF form by GDW aka Far Future Enterprises on DriveThruRPG.com.

Vol Name TL Free Gs J PP Fuel Duration MCr Computer Crew Psgr. LB Notes
200 JG Safari Ship 14 25 1 2 2 50 one month 92.93 Computer Model/1 bis 6 8 0 sl,a/r,s20


 The image shows the ship with extracted wings and closed pop.up turret.

The ship has a few issues that I personally see as minor design flaws and the deckplans do not exactly match the description. According to the original drawings further below and the deckplans (the one shown below was drawn by me), the Launch is mounted above the engineering section and there is a corresponding hatch connecting the craft with the ship. However considering this a a leisure craft for charter there is no way for paying guests to crawl through the engineering section to get to the boat. Realizing this, the description mentiones access to the boat from the Lounge through it’s ventral hatch  (by means of a collapsible ladder and corresponding roof hatch). But there is no craft above the lounge and the hatch in the engineering section is said to connect to the dorsal turret, which is not visible on any of the reference images…


The image shows the ship with the pop-up turret deployed and wings retracted.

Furthermore the deckplans clearly show an emergency Airlock between the rear thrusters (again accessed through engineering) but no other means to access the craft except for a floor hatch on the bridge (another no-go in my book) and through the launch. So either I need to re-design the deckplan to fit the description or re-design the visual appearance of the ship to match the deckplans. The air/raft is mentioned to be carried inside the ship, but no indication of this can be found on the deck plan (which completely omits the dorsal aerodynamic cowl (which could easily house it – so that will be my assumption). I think another Deckplan is due and I will focus on that and base it on the scan below and my 3D model.


New Deckplan

My design philosophy in a nutshell: Strict separation of operations, cargobay and crew or passenger areas. There should be a way to get into and out of the craft and launch without using any of the operational areas (engineering, bridge, avionic, computer, life support or cargobay). Access to turrets only through crew areas. Passengers want viewports, so each cabin and the lounge should have some. Access should be easy when grounded, a ramp or telescopic lift should do the trick.


Ships Dimensions

Volume Length Width Height (main) Height (incl. cowl) Notes
200 dt 42.0m 25.5m 7.5m 12.0m retractable wings require some space between decks

Changes to the original deckplan

As the ship features split drives anyway these will be moved a bit further apart to allow for a corridor on the lower deck connecting the lounge and the ventral launch access hatch. This inturn will ascent through the upper engineering to the hatch. A secured set of hatches allows access to this part of engineering too.

The connecting stairs between lower and upper lounge will be moved to the rear, so a telescope lift can be fitted to access the ship from below when grounded. The lift opens both to the front and rear, so it can function as a security airlock towards the bridge during flight. Furthermore the lift now helps to access the bridge as there is a level change which is shown as being overcome by some stairs. I haven’t decided on the final configuration.

The cargo bays in the rear part of both decks do not need to be re-arranged so the two deck high bays are located at the port side and the centerline, with the latter being a marine tank (possibly with a panorama glass wall forming an aquarium visible from the upper lounge’s bar „mirror“. The starbord bay is used to carry the air/raft. All bays feature overhead hatches for easy loading, cleaning or getting rid of especially nasty specimens. The dry bays feature a ventral cargo lifting platform (in fact the entire cargo bay floor can be lowerd to the ground) for easy loading or unloading.

The cowl houses the launch dock at the rear, loading hatches for the marine tank, a glass canopy for the lounge and a turret. I hope to be able to fit the air/raft into it too, but that remains to be seen.


2014-11-21 19.56.32

Revised deckplan quick draft by Traveller Illustrated


# Description # Description # Description
1 Computer 11 Rear Corridor A Stateroom 1
2 Avionics 12 Lower Engineering B Stateroom 2
3 Accessway 13 Upper Engineering C Stateroom 3
4 Gunnery 14 Life Support D Stateroom 4
5 Bridge 15 Landing Gear E Stateroom 5
6 TeleLift 16 Rear Airlock F Stateroom 6
7 Main Lounge 17 Reserved G Stateroom 7
8 Cargo 1 18 Reserved H Stateroom 8
9 Cargo 2 19 Sky Lounge J Stateroom 9
10 Cargo 3 20 Bar K Stateroom 10
21 Fuel

The cargo bays are somewhat special. Bay One is normally used as a Specimen Cage and features a dual layered floor that is mounted on telescopic riders running in rails through the whole height of the hull. This allows for both floors to be lowered or raised out of the ship for easy loading or unloading from above or below the vessel depending on port or wilderness situation. Also it allows for a variable height of the cargo bay, as the upper floor can be lowered onto the lower floor so the bay can reach a height of two decks (6m).
Bay two features a similar floor configuration but can only be lowered beneath the ship. As this bay is equipped as a marine tank, it can be loaded while being watered or submerged. Both bays feature collapsible cage elements to secure both bays either in half height or full height configuration against forcefull specimen. The marine tank is also equipped to find use as an on-board swimming pool, diving bay and of course as a cargo bay.
Bay three only features an overhead hatch with telescoping floor to be raised above the hull. As it is used to store the air/raft, this allows for easy take off and landing.
I will model the mechanism to illustrate it’s use.

Reference Scan

I scanned the reference image from the supplement as per FFEs Fair Use Policy. If you want to see the deck plans, go grab it at DTRPG, at less than five bucks the book is a bargain in my opinion. There is a variant featuring two of the JG 10dt Life Boats, which I also plan to model.



Scan from JG Simba Safari supplement.

Szene with Safari Ship

Afternoon Bikini Beach Scene (sans Bikini)


Other Paint Schemes


Testing with Imperiallines Logo – Part 1


Testing with Imperiallines Logo – Part 2

More to come…

Starship – 2000ton Type-TI Frontier Transport

General Information

Using a 2000-ton, TL15 hull, the Type-TI_v0-5 Class Transport mounts jump drive-V, maneuver drive-V, and power plant-V, giving a performance of jump-2 and 2G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a 2 parsec jump, at 200t per parsec, and 2 months of operations. Attached to the bridge are two Computer Model/5 std. There are 12 staterooms and 5 low berths. Installed weaponry include 3 T3 Missiles, 3 T3 Fusion Guns, and 4 T3 Sandcasters. The ship does not have cargo space. The ship has a streamlined hull, with scoops and intakes for frontier refueling.

Carried craft include 1 Cargo Shuttle, 1 Air/Raft Enclosed, and 1 Grapple Set Triple. The ship has 20 crew (3 bridge crew, 2 engineers, 12 gunners, 2 auxiliary flight crew, and 1 medic) but can be technically operated by 6 crew, and can carry 5 low passengers.


This craft is an adaption for the TI that I think is feasible IMTU, given the fact tha this is a company owned transport. The original ship had 12 Staterooms with double occupancy for all but command crew and a total crew of 20 (1 Bridge, 2 Engineer, 10 Gunnery, 2 Flight, 2 Troops, 2 Command, 1 Medic). It aso featured a nuclear damper and EM hardening. I will likely put some more work into the craft.

The MT version had triple Model/9 computers which woud add about MCr 250 to the standard design. Way too much. I believe I can live with two Model/5 bis computers but it wouldn’t be the same design. The MT Type-TI in TRaveller 5 would cost nearly as much as the Type-TJ.

Short info on the Traveller Wiki: Type-TI | Type-TJ

Deckplans found on the Inter-web

2000;Frontier Transport;15;860;2;2;2;440;one Month;588,3;Model/5 bis;20;0;5;sl,fs,s95,a/r


Frontier Transport

Frontier Transport


The ship is sort of finished by now and has been featured in the official 2013 Traveller Calendar.




Transport T-VS22 Type-TI_v0-5 MCr588.9

Builder: Bilstein Yards
Disposition: In Service

Frontier Transport (Cost OTU: MCr587.9)

Frontier Transport serve mainly Class-C starport near the fringe of the Imperium. They do not normally carry passengers and are known for their relatively cramped crew living quarters, but out on the frontier crews cannot select from an abundance of ships, so theat is an accepted fact.

Crew comfort:     +2
Passenger demand: -5

   Tons     Component                                MCr    Notes
-------     -----------------------------------    -----    --------------------
   2000     Streamlined Hull, lifters                142    S, lifters
     20     Landing legs with pads                    20    
     20     Flotation hull                            20    
     10     Fins                                       5    
      0     AV=15. 1 Blast Plate                       0    
     80     Plant Fuel (2 months)                      0    2 months
    400     Jump Fuel (2  parsecs)                     0    2 parsec jump, at 200t per parsec
    105     Jump Drive-2 (V)                         105    J 2
     39     Maneuver Drive-2 (V)                      78    2 G
     61     PowerPlant-2 (V)                          61    P 2
     40     40x Fuel Purifiers                         4    #40 
      4     4x Fuel Scoops                           0.4    #4 
      4     4x Fuel Intakes                          0.4    #4 
      2     2x Fuel Transfer Pumps                   0.2    #2 
      0     LR Surf EMS                              2.5    
      0     AR Surf CommPlus                         1.5    
      0     AR Surf HoloVisor                        1.5    
      0     AR Surf Radar                            1.5    
      0     LR Surf Communicator                     2.5    
      0     LR Surf Scanner                          2.5    
      0     Vd Surf Deep Radar                       0.6    
      0     2x DS Surf EMS                             7    #2 
      0     2x D Surf Densitometer                   0.6    #2 
      6     3x LR T3 Missile                         9.6    #3 
      9     3x Fo T3 Fusion Gun                     19.5    #3 
      4     4x Vd T3 Sandcaster                      4.4    #4 
      3     B Nuclear Damper                           2    
      5     5x Emergency Low Berth                   2.5    #5 10 individuals
      2     Clinic                                     1    
      2     Life Support Long Term                     2    40 person-months
     10     2x Computer Model/5 std                   54    #2 
     75     Standard Bridge                            5    10cc 20op 20ws
      2     2x Crew Common Fresher                     2    #2 10 crew
      4     Office                                     0    inc. 50 Kg safe
      6     Owner Suite                              0.4    fresher + safe
     36     12x Crew Stateroom                       1.2    #12 1 crew
     55     11x Crew Lounge                            0    #11 
    2.5     5x Low Berth                             0.5    #5 1 passenger
    2.5     5x Air Lock                              0.5    #5 
    770     14x Cargo Hold Basic                       0    #14 
     90     Cargo Hold Basic                           0    
     22     11x Cargo Lock                             0    #11 
     95     Cargo Shuttle                             22    
      4     Air/Raft Enclosed                        0.1    
      6     Grapple Set Triple                         6    up to 105t
      4     Vehicle Lock                               0    

Design source fies: ACS-T-VS22-Type-TI_v0-5


The sub craft beneath its cradle…

Frontier Transport WIP 01

Frontier Transport WIP 01

And a view from below…

Frontier Transport WIP 02

Frontier Transport WIP 02

Homages to original Traveller Art



      A 2000-ton Streamlined hull
      It is equipped with the Dalon 2 Grid T2 jump drive, 
      the Banshee Gravitics T2.4 maneuver drive, 
      and the Zhunatsu 2949.hT2 power plant, 
      and is capable of Jump-2 and 2G acceleration.

Table showing tail numbers and construction information for the Type TI class. Information correct as of 001-1120.

            	  Building          	  Keel Laid	  First    	  Current  
Tail ID     	  Shipyard          	       Down	  Flight   	  Status   
____________	  __________________	  _________	  _________	  _________
TI-13042    	  Delvani           	   242-1090	    95-1093	  In Service
TI-13047    	  Delvani           	    71-1091	   205-1093	  In Service
TI-13070    	  AHG, AG           	   174-1091	   165-1094	  In Service
TI-13080    	  Yard 11 No. 1     	   324-1091	   200-1093	  In Service
TI-13090    	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   275-1091	    68-1094	  In Service
TI-13107    	  Zagado            	   141-1092	   184-1093	  In Service
TI-13111    	  General Shipyards 	   336-1092	   217-1093	  Destroyed
TI-13122    	  Tukera            	   118-1093	   265-1096	  Lost 1102
TI-13127    	  Delvani           	   268-1093	   114-1095	  In Service
TI-13136    	  Arshani, Etran    	   304-1093	   134-1097	  In Service
TI-13154    	  Vlandian No. 2    	    65-1094	   134-1097	  Scrapped
TI-13170    	  Yard 16 No. 3     	   143-1094	    24-1095	  Lost 1099
TI-13183    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	    35-1095	    80-1098	  Destroyed
TI-13192    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	   114-1095	    75-1098	  Destroyed
TI-13201    	  Delvani           	   119-1095	   120-1096	  Missing
TI-13207    	  Highlans          	   189-1095	   161-1097	  In Service
TI-13213    	  Ling Standard     	   282-1095	   112-1099	  In Service
TI-13220    	  Arshani, Etran    	   313-1095	   188-1096	  In Service
TI-13245    	  Zagado            	   359-1095	   265-1097	  In Service
TI-13250    	  Clan Severn       	    17-1096	   138-1097	  In Service
TI-13256    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	   127-1096	   292-1099	  In Service
TI-13258    	  Clan Severn       	   291-1096	     7-1100	  Lost 1105
TI-13263    	  Vlandian No. 2    	   213-1097	   238-1098	  Lost 1102
TI-13280    	  Arshani, Etran    	   347-1097	    75-1101	  In Service
TI-13312    	  Delvani           	    62-1098	    52-1100	  Scrapped
TI-13320    	  Yard 16 No. 3     	   213-1098	    43-1102	  Captured
TI-13326    	  Gashidda No. 3    	   290-1098	   340-1100	  In Service
TI-13337    	  Mars              	   309-1098	   317-1100	  On Order
TI-13345    	  Ling Standard     	   269-1098	   342-1099	  In Service
TI-13350    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	   334-1098	   271-1101	  In Service
TI-13354    	  Vlandian No. 2    	   320-1098	   171-1099	  On Order
TI-13372    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	    89-1099	   306-1100	  In Service
TI-13381    	  Gashidda No. 3    	   252-1099	    26-1101	  Scrapped
TI-13400    	  Vlandian No. 2    	   297-1099	    49-1103	  Building
TI-13404    	  Zagado            	    30-1100	   336-1100	  In Service
TI-13424    	  Mars              	   155-1100	   126-1101	  Fitting Out
TI-13433    	  Clan Severn       	   248-1100	   291-1101	  In Service
TI-13452    	  Vlandian No. 2    	    77-1101	   193-1103	  In Service
TI-13461    	  Bilstein Yards    	   279-1101	   184-1102	  In Service
TI-13472    	  General Shipyards 	    17-1102	   287-1102	  Lost 1107
TI-13485    	  Delvani           	   204-1102	   278-1104	  Scrapped
TI-13494    	  Sabaald           	   349-1102	   200-1103	  Scrapped
TI-13507    	  Yard 16 No. 2     	   117-1103	   119-1105	  Fitting Out
TI-13510    	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   167-1103	   188-1106	  In Service
TI-13522    	  Tukera            	   254-1103	   178-1105	  In Service
TI-13535    	  AHG, AG           	   202-1103	   323-1104	  In Service
TI-13542    	  Vlandian No. 2    	   187-1103	   183-1105	  In Service
TI-13546    	  Zagado            	   304-1103	   133-1106	  In Service
TI-13565    	  Highlans          	   150-1104	    68-1106	  Scrapped
TI-13570    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	   100-1104	    65-1105	  In Service
TI-13584    	  General Shipyards 	   162-1104	   331-1105	  In Service
TI-13604    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	   144-1104	   152-1106	  In Service
TI-13627    	  Yard 17           	    73-1104	   332-1105	  Missing
TI-13636    	  Vlandian No. 1    	   181-1104	   219-1106	  Scrapped
TI-13651    	  Vlandian No. 1    	   215-1104	   146-1107	  Lost 1110
TI-13657    	  Clan Severn       	   251-1104	    14-1107	  Building
TI-13663    	  Yard 11 No. 2     	   300-1104	   351-1107	  On Order
TI-13698    	  Commonal          	   169-1105	    64-1108	  In Service
TI-13722    	  Piorabanti        	   221-1105	   152-1108	  Scrapped
TI-13728    	  Tukera            	   284-1105	   141-1106	  Lost 1115
TI-13747    	  Yard 17           	   125-1106	   150-1107	  Lost 1113
TI-13758    	  Gashidda No. 2    	   300-1106	    16-1110	  Lost 1116
TI-13772    	  Gashidda No. 3    	    92-1107	   149-1110	  Lost 1117
TI-13773    	  Gashidda No. 2    	   188-1107	   179-1110	  In Service
TI-13784    	  Arshani, Etran    	   269-1107	   324-1108	  Fitting Out
TI-13797    	  Arshani, Etran    	    80-1108	   364-1110	  Building
TI-13801    	  Delvani           	   232-1108	   337-1111	  Building
TI-13820    	  Commonal          	   298-1108	   306-1110	  Fitting Out
TI-13829    	  Mars              	     3-1109	   329-1111	  In Service
TI-13831    	  Gashidda No. 2    	    73-1109	   219-1111	  In Service
TI-13834    	  Clan Severn       	     8-1109	    87-1110	  In Service
TI-13840    	  Piorabanti        	   173-1109	    74-1112	  Lost 1119
TI-13853    	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   281-1109	   288-1110	  Scrapped
TI-13856    	  Clan Severn       	    94-1110	   252-1112	  In Service
TI-13867    	  AHG, AG           	   317-1110	   337-1112	  Scrapped
TI-13878    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	   163-1111	   231-1113	  In Service
TI-13892    	  AHG, AG           	    33-1112	   148-1113	  In Service
TI-13914    	  AHG, AG           	    82-1112	   217-1115	  Scrapped
TI-13925    	  Ling Standard     	   122-1112	   179-1115	  On Order
TI-13935    	  Delvani           	   332-1112	   359-1115	  Scrapped
TI-13942    	  Gashidda No. 3    	   155-1113	   266-1116	  In Service
TI-13963    	  Delvani           	   361-1113	   242-1114	  In Service
TI-13972    	  Clan Severn       	   335-1113	   241-1115	  In Service
TI-13976    	  Yard 16 No. 1     	   322-1113	   181-1116	  In Service
TI-13982    	  Yard 16 No. 2     	   236-1114	   274-1116	  Lost 1125
TI-13999    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	    40-1115	   258-1117	  Fitting Out
TI-14001    	  Vlandian No. 1    	   312-1114	   175-1115	  Captured
TI-14011    	  AHG, AG           	    95-1115	    26-1118	  Building
TI-14016    	  Yard 16 No. 4     	   123-1115	   208-1116	  In Service
TI-14029    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	   285-1115	   168-1118	  In Service
TI-14042    	  Zagado            	   313-1115	   141-1117	  In Service
TI-14065    	  Delvani           	    11-1116	   265-1118	  In Service
TI-14072    	  Yard 22 No. 1     	   319-1115	   207-1117	  On Order
TI-14091    	  AHG, AG           	   330-1115	   194-1117	  Building
TI-14097    	  Yard 16 No. 2     	   300-1115	   225-1118	  On Order
TI-14098    	  Bilstein Yards    	    80-1116	    27-1117	  In Service
TI-14116    	  Vlandian No. 1    	    85-1116	   176-1117	  In Service
TI-14124    	  Gashidda No. 1    	    90-1116	   255-1119	  Fitting Out
TI-14145    	  Piorabanti        	   340-1116	   139-1119	  On Order
TI-14157    	  Yard 17           	   176-1117	   274-1119	  In Service

Starship – 300ton Star Class Armored Merchant

300dt Armored Merchant

Using a 300-ton, TL12 hull, the Star v0.4 Class Armored Merchant mounts jump drive-E, maneuver drive-B, and power plant-E, giving a performance of jump-3 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a 3 parsec jump, at 30t per parsec, and one month of operations. Attached to the bridge is a Computer Model/2bis std. There are 13 staterooms and 10 low berths. Installed weaponry include 1 T3 Missile, and 2 T3 Beam Lasers. Cargo capacity is 46 tons. The ship has a streamlined hull, with scoops for frontier refueling. The ship carries 1 Air/Raft Enclosed. The ship has 6 crew, and can carry 8 passengers and 10 low passengers.

Rhaan Interstellar Corp - 300dt Star Class Armored Merchant "Solar Flare"

Rhaan Interstellar Corp – 300dt Star Class Armored Merchant „Solar Flare“


Name TL Free Gs J PP Fuel Duration MCr Computer Crew Psgr. LB Notes


Armored Merchant 12 50 1 3 3 99 one month 135.36 Computer Model/2 bis 6 8 10 sl,a/r

I already modeled the ship some time ago and I think it came out very nicely. The one thing I am sure William H. Keith, Jr. would have done differently is the windows (there are Bill Kieth styled windows in a lot of Traveller starship images. If you’re interested I made a ship with two variants, one of which depicts this style.

My friend Bill Connors asked me if he could play with the model and I think he did a great job. So good that it put this ship off my priority list of starships „to texture“. See:

Aslan Nebula by AbaKon on deviantART

Starbound by AbaKon on deviantART

Armored Merchant WIP 05

Armored Merchant WIP 05

My T5-Adaption (Full Description)

Designed using Robert Eaglestone’s ACS Starship Designer for T5

Armored Merchant A-CS13 Star MCr135.1

Builder: Bilstein Yards
Disposition: In Service

Armored Merchant

Crew comfort: -2
Passenger demand: -2

Tons; Component; MCr; Notes

300; Streamlined Hull, lifters ;23 ;S, lifters
3; Landing legs with pads ;3;
24; AV=36. 3 Blast Plate ;0;old design had 21dt of armor
90; Jump Fuel (3 parsecs) ;0 ;3 parsec jump, at 30t per parsec
9; Plant Fuel (one month) ;0 ;one month
30; Jump Drive-3 (E) ;30 ;J 3
3; Maneuver Drive-1 (B) ;6 ;1 G
6; PowerPlant-3 (E) ;16 ;P 3
1; Fuel Scoops ;0.1;
1; Fuel Purifiers ;0.1;
0; DS Surf Communicator ;3.5;
0; DS Surf Jammer ;3.5 ;
0; DS Surf Radar ;3.5 ;
0; DS Surf Scope ;3.5 ;
0; DS Surf EMS ;3.5 ;
0; Or Surf Mass Sensor ;1.6 ;
0; G Surf Deep Radar ;4.1 ;
0; Or Surf Analyzer/Sniffer ;1.6 ;
0; Or Surf Activity Sensor ;1.6 ;
0; Or Surf Field Sensor ;1.6 ;
0; Or Surf Proximeter ;1.6 ;
0; Vd Surf Sound Sensor ;0.6;
0; Or Surf Densitometer ;1.6;
0; Fo Surf Life Detector ;2.6;
0; LR Surf Scanner ;2.5;
1; AR T3 Missile ;1.2;
2; 2x Vd T3 Beam Laser ;
3 ;#2
4 Magazine ;0 ;50 x Size-5
3; Computer Model/2bis std ;7.5;
2; 2x Life Support Standard ;2; #2 10 person-months
2; Clinic ;1;
9; Standard Bridge ;0.8 ;2cc 4op 1ws
1; Crew Common Fresher ;1; 10 crew
10; 5x Crew Stateroom ;0.5 ;#5 1 crew
50; Cargo Hold Basic ;0;
1; 2x Air Lock ;0.2 ;#2
4; 2x Cargo Lock ;0 ;#2
1; Common Fresher ;1;10 passengers
5; 10x Low Berth ;1 ;#10 1 passenger
16; 8x Standard Stateroom ;0.8 ;#8 1 passenger
4; Passenger Lounge ;0;
4; Vehicle Lock ;0;
4; Air/Raft Enclosed ;0.1;

I filled the bill by installing an impressive amount of sensors. Cost could be 35 MCr lower without. Plus there is potential for Overtonnage: 4 tons (Air/Raft, whis could be defined to be carried inside vehicle lock).

Furthermore there is serious potential for design errors. This design might be broken due to my inexperience with T5 starship design.

Design source files: ACS-A-CS13-Star_v0-42



The Star-Class Armoured Merchant was originally featured in High Passage #3, a defunct magazine for use with ‚Classic‘ Traveller. The concept was for a small ship that was armoured, yet could carry significant cargo through dangerous areas of the Third Imperium and beyond. It was created with players in mind, as the cost of this standard design is within the reach of Merchant Prince style characters.


300dt Star Class Armored Merchant Upper Deck Scan from HG#3

The deckplans were scanned in from High Passage #3.

The design of the starship was made by Craig Johnson.


300dt Star Class Armored Merchant Lower Deck scan from HG#3

These deckplans were drawn by Greg Smith

More design info (to be deleted soon)…

Armored Merchant A-CS13 Star v0.41 MCr135.1

Builder: Bilstein Yards
Disposition: In Service

Armored Merchant v0.41

Crew comfort: -2
Passenger demand: -2

Tons Component MCr Notes
——- ———————————– —– ——————–
300 Streamlined Hull, lifters 23 S, lifters
3 Landing legs with pads 3
24 AV=36. 3 Blast Plate 0
0 AV=12. 1 Rad Plate 0
0 AV=12. 1 EMP Plate 0
0 AV=12. 1 Kinetic Plate 0
90 Jump Fuel (3 parsecs) 0 3 parsec jump, at 30t per parsec
9 Plant Fuel (one month) 0 one month
30 Jump Drive-3 (E) 30 J 3
3 Maneuver Drive-1 (B) 6 1 G
16 PowerPlant-3 (E) 16 P 3
1 Fuel Scoops 0.1
1 Fuel Purifiers 0.1
0 DS Surf Communicator 3.5
0 DS Surf Jammer 3.5
0 DS Surf Radar 3.5
0 DS Surf Scope 3.5
0 DS Surf EMS 3.5
0 Or Surf Mass Sensor 1.6
0 G Surf Deep Radar 4.1
0 Or Surf Analyzer/Sniffer 1.6
0 Or Surf Activity Sensor 1.6
0 Or Surf Field Sensor 1.6
0 Or Surf Proximeter 1.6
0 Vd Surf Sound Sensor 0.6
0 Or Surf Densitometer 1.6
0 Fo Surf Life Detector 2.6
0 LR Surf Scanner 2.5
1 AR T3 Missile 1.2
2 2x Vd T3 Beam Laser 3 #2
4 Magazine 0 50 x Size-5
3 Computer Model/2bis std 7.5
2 Clinic 1
2 2x Life Support Standard 2 #2 10 person-months
9 Standard Bridge 0.8 2cc 4op 1ws
10 5x Crew Stateroom 0.5 #5 1 crew
4 Crew Lounge 0
1 Crew Common Fresher 1 10 crew
1 2x Air Lock 0.2 #2
4 2x Cargo Lock 0 #2
5 10x Low Berth 1 #10 1 passenger
46 Cargo Hold Basic 0
16 8x Standard Stateroom 0.8 #8 1 passenger
4 Passenger Lounge 0
1 Common Fresher 1 10 passengers
4 Vehicle Lock 0
4 Air/Raft Enclosed 0.1

If you want to experiment with this craft design, here is the zipped source ACS-A-CS13-Star v0.41.yml which theoretically can be imported into the T5 Shipyard webapp. I had some issues to do so, but importing the whole archive worked fine: acs-archive.yml. You need to unzip the download prior to using it.

High Guard Stats

USP: AA-32313B1-600000-40003-0
Hull: 300 ton streamlined cone
Jump Capability: Jump-3
Maneuver: 1G constant accelleration
Power: Pn3; 4 week range with 9 tons fuel
Fuel Tankage: 99 tons. Supports 1 Jump-3 & the power plant. Fuel scoops and purification is installed.
Computer: Model 2/bis
Armour: 21 tons of structural reinforcement. Armour Factor 6. Crew: 8. Pilot, Navigator, Engineer, Steward, Medic, 3 Gunners.
Passengers: 8 high or mid passengers, 10 low passengers.
Cargo Capacity: 50 tons.
Cost: 135.36 MCr

MgT Stats made with Traveller SRD:

2014-11-06 18.08.04

Starship – 1000ton Tukera Long Liner

100odt Tukera Long Liner

Using a 1000-ton streamlined hull, the Tukera Long Liner is a main-route passenger transport serving much of the Imperium. It mounts a  jump drive V,  maneuver drive E, and power plant V to supply power for one month of continuous operation, giving performance of Jump-4 and 1G acceleration. Fuel tankage supports a month of operations and one jump-4. On the bridge is a Model/4 computer. There are 50 staterooms and 5 emergency low berths. The ship has five hardpoints. Only one triple turret is usually installed; it carries a heterogeneous mix of one beam laser, one missile rack, and one sandcaster. The ship carries one vehicle: a 20-ton launch, grappled to the hull. Cargo capacity for the long-liner is 130 tons.


Scan from The Traveller Adventure, (c) FFE

The Long Liner requires a crew of 13: captain/pilot, astrogator, 6 engineers, medic, 3 stewards, and gunner. The pilot or astrogator operates the launch. The ship can carry up to 36 passengers.

1000;Tukera RT Long Liner;15;130;1;4;4;404;one Month;254.3;Model/4 std;13;36;14;s20, U, +33

Deckplan found on the Inter-webs

Image found on the Inter-webs

Design specs by Robert Eaglestone

Starships – Type CM (Mercenary Cruiser) – HS33 Yamal

My attempt to convert a RiftRoamers RPG (RR) original starship to Traveller. The craft was downsized as ships in RR tend to be larger in general. The appropriate size would have been 1200 tons in RR. However that would have been just another Kinunir which was not my intention.


The ship is designed following Traveller5 rules by using the Traveller5 ACS Shipyard (an online ship-design software for T5 by Robert Eaglestone)

Mercenary Cruiser
CM-HS33 Yamal
[General Shipyards]
Owner: Rhaan Industries
Disposition: In Service

The 800 ton Streamlined Yamal Class Merc Cruiser is a variant of the Broadsword built as an alternative to the Broadsword Merc Cruiser. It’s outer appearance loosely copies the lines of patrol corvette, while being larger of course.

Design requirements: 1 Modular Cutter  (in an external cradle mount accessible through the cargo bay), 2 additional Cutter modules  (in an external cradle mount accessible through the cargo bay), 2 20dt Gigs (in an external cradle mount accessible by special connection tubes), 2 Grav carriers (Lopec or Resolve carried aboard cutter modules, these craft show as overtonnage in the design).


Blocking out the major features in Blender

The design now features Maneuver 3, Jump 3, 3 Month of Powerplant operation and offers 95 tons of cargo space in addition to all the vehicles.

The Image below show the vessels’s Cutter and one of the thre special Container Modules.


Click on the link below to continue with the stats and later with the deck plans too.

Rescued article from old website. Unfortunately the second page is currently not available. It will return though.

Continue reading “Starships – Type CM (Mercenary Cruiser) – HS33 Yamal”

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Starship – 400dton Donosev Class ISV (WIP)

The survey scout is a typical ship in service with the Imperial Interstellar Scout Service. Its function is to continually re-survey the interior regions of the Imperium, updating maps and charts, and maintaining beacons and markers for astrogation hazards.  The ship essentially serves much the same role as a modern day coast guard seagoing buoy tender, offshore supply vessel or ice breaker (or any combination thereof).

The ship is catagorised as Type SZ, or “Scout Experimental”, and in fact three different versions of this ship have been built.

The most recent, was the result of improvements to sensor placement made during the Second Survey and was producved in two variants. The Donosev Class Interstellar Survey Vessel was named after Master Chief Surveyor Villemina Donosev. Individual ships are named for famous scouts in the Imperial service.

As is the case with most modern Scout vessels, the Donosev-class is not equipped for use in hostile areas. The survey scout is a peaceful vessel, typically unarmed and inoffensive. It does, however, mount four hardpoints and can be armed with a variety of turrets and weaponry if necessary. The Donosev class survey scout is named for famous scouts in the Imperial service.


The Donosev ISV2 with three Air/Raft Hangarbays and the Modular Cutter undocked

This is probably the one ship that is truly asymmetrical in shape among the Traveller starships and possibly because of this it was not very highly regarded amongs players I used to play Traveller with. However, I liked the old Donno because it is the perfect base ship for a medium crew.

I plan to model two variants. One variant I call the ISV2 with three Hurricane Air/Rafts and the one variant I call ISV1 with a Kankurur Grav Carrier in a single larger Hangarbay in place of the Air/Rafts. Both vehicles are depicted in DGP’s 101 Vehicles, so I’ll go from there. No idea how to fit that Kankurur into the hull though.

Please note that the designations ISV1 and ISV2 that I use in this text are non-canon and used only to differentiate the two models. Both are Donosev Class vessels.


The Donosev ISV1 with a large Hangar for the Kankurur Grav Carrier and the Modular Cutter undocked

I remeber to have read somewhere (DGP’s Grand Survey?) that the Hangar Bay of roughly a quarter of the Donosevs in service is about 2m higher and 1.5m wider but the remainder of vessel otherwise unchanged. That’s not easy to implement without outer changes on the craft, as you can’t simply go up or inward as there are are likely staterooms, corridors and laboratory spaces (as well as the brigde above the bay.

Perhaps a bulge beneath the vehicle bay to allow for the extra height and width. The render above shows my approach with the bulge beneath the command section which was widened by pushing the outer wall another 1,5m into space.

The resulting ship will be 135kl or aproximately 10dt larger in tonnage, which is or could be a problem. 410dt is well within the often cited 5% tollerance, which on the other hand was only meant to account for deckplan variance.

Just from a modeling point of view one could assume the ISV1 being at about 405dt and the ISV2 at 395dt which would account for the ten tons difference and reduce the error to plus/minus 1.25% as compared to the calculated volume of 400dt. At least I am well prepared to accept that, until I have my copy of Traveller5 which I plan to use for calculating all my Traveller ships.

The Subcraft and Vehicles


The Tech level 15 Kankurur class Scout survey Grav Carrier was commissioned in 1097 – following a design dating back to 1095 – and is equipped to support both survey and exploration missions with full crews. .  The Kankurur is a large pradtory bird native to Vland that was often trained as a courier animal capable of carrying up to 20kg of cargo in its talons. Consequently named vehicles often carry the names of significant native animals of the worlds of the Imperium.

The vehicles’ sealed environment allows forl full pressurized life support for its crew. An airlock in the aft section opens to the roof as well as aft. A galley, four fold-up bunks, and a fresher allow extended missions. On the bridge, the basic controls are computer enhanced to increase the efficency and safety of operation. EMS active and passive sensors, a neutrino sensor, and a densitometer give a full range of information to the surveyers on board. A Meson communicator allows near-instant contact with any other station within planetary range.

In addition to the crew (pilot and five operators or passengers) the grav carrier can carry 0.5 ton of cargo in the main cabin and 1.5 ton in the airlock. Unloaded, the craft weighs about 60 tons; with crew and maximum cargo it weighs about 95 tons. Top speed is at 240kph, cruise at 180kph and NOE at 190kph. The vehicle costs about 10.650.000 Cr amf displaces 11 tons. Length 15.25m, width: 8.30m, height:  7.50m.

The 50ton Modular Cutter


The Hurricane Air/Raft


The ship stats can be found here: http://www.ace-dog.co.uk/Traveller/Shipyard/DONOSEV.htm

A deckplan I found wandering through the web:  http://tahspeck.wdfiles.com/local–files/ships%3Adonosev/mod-donosev.pdf


Jesse DeGraff did one that can be seen here, here and here.

I use his progress report as reference material: http://visionforgestudios.com/jesse/traveller/donosev_progress.htm

Ian Steed did one that can be seen here: http://biomassart.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/donosev.jpg


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