Small Craft – 40ton „Fast“ Pinnace (CT/MT)

My take on the Classic Traveller „Fast“ Pinnace

The Classic Traveller 40 ton Pinnace – sometime called Fast Pinnace – features a sweep wing configuration. While the original concept was somewhat different, I chose to use a well tested approach and opted for the wing configuration of an F-14 aircraft. The above image shows the Pinnace in its standard or „B“ configuration, while the image below shows the default or „A“ configuration. The sweep-wing would have split the cargo bay horizontally if I’d left the wings the way they are depivcted in CT deckplans (or in F-14 renderings) and chopped part of the rear inner wing to an angle. This way the sweeped wing fits inside the engineering compartment alongside both sides of the cargo bay.

The rear features a large extracting lower cargo ramp and a shorter top gate that allows 4dt containers to be loaded. Two will fit lengthwise. Additional cargo needs to be breakbulk. Rearviews and from below are in the works. Also I’m about to build different nose sections, but that’s of low priority.

Vol Name TL Free Gs Fuel Duration MCr Computer Notes
40 Pinnace 12+ 24 5 2t 4 weeks 15.1 Model/2bis L2

NOTES: B = Lift Body. C = Cramped Bridge. K = Cargo Lock. L0 = Short Term Life Support. L2 = Long Term
Life Support. S = Spacious Bridge. +5 = Overtonnage by 5 tons.
Vol. Volume, in tons.
Name. Official name for the small craft.
TL. Technological Level at which this ship is manufactured.
Free. Open, configurable space, in tons.
Gs. Acceleration, in gravities.
Fuel/Duration. Fuel tank size, and operational time given a full tank.
MCr. Price of small craft in millions of credits.
Computer. Computer model installed by default.
lnk = link to external reference / original design


40t Fast Pinnace, using SmallCraftMaker

Descriptor    TL   Tons  Accel   Load   AV Ca Fl Ra So Psi In Se   MCr
Pinnace       14    40     4      22    30 10 10 10 10  0  10 10    9
Fast          +1          +1      -5                               +1
M-Drive                           +5                               x2
           TL 15    40t    5G     22t free                     MCr 20