Small Craft Listing

The following Small Craft List was compiled by Robert Eaglestone for the Citizens of the Imperium Forum. I use it here as a convenient listing to link all the small craft that I modeled (and will model) together. I might rip the List apart to have only a craft index here in the future and place the lines for each craft inside the corresponding craft’s article post. However I just got permission to leave it here as it is, and I think it’s  very convenient like this.

All craft were designed by Robert Eaglestone („robject“ on CotI) solely using Traveller5’s Adventure-Class Ships design system, with no modifications. Direct link to the original post with the file: Traveller 5 Small Craft List.pdf (CotI Login required).

20 ;Launch ;9 ;11 ;1 ;0.5t;5 weeks ;12.9 ;Model/1bis ;C, L0
20 ;Gig ;15 ;7.5 ;8 ;2t;5 weeks ;18.3 ;Model/2 ;B, C
30 ;Ship’s Boat ;13+ ;16 ;6 ;2t;4 weeks ;14.8 ;Model/1bis;
30 ;Slow Boat ;10 ;20 ;3 ;0.5t;16 days ;13 ;Model/1 ;C
40 ;Pinnace ;12+ ;24 ;5 ;2t;4 weeks ;19.4 ;Model/2 ;L2
40 ;Slow Pinnace ;9 ;30 ;2 ;0.5t;18 days ;15.1 ;Model/1bis ;C
40 ;SMC Shuttle ;12+ ;23 ;5 ;2t;4 weeks ;18 ;Model/1bis ;B, S
50 ;Modular Cutter ;11+ ;34 ;4 ;2t;4 weeks ;27 ;Model/3bis;
95 ;Shuttle ;10 ;71 ;3 ;3t;33 days ;32.3 ;Model/3 ;K, L2, +5

NOTES: B = Lift Body. C = Cramped Bridge. K = Cargo Lock. L0 = Short Term Life Support. L2 = Long Term

Life Support. S = Spacious Bridge. +5 = Overtonnage by 5 tons.


Vol.  Volume, in tons.

Name.  Official name for the small craft.

TL. Technological Level at which this ship is manufactured.

Free.  Open, configurable space, in tons.

Gs.  Acceleration, in gravities.

Fuel/Duration.  Fuel tank size, and operational time given a full tank.

MCr.  Price of small craft in millions of credits.

Computer.  Computer model installed by default.

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