Traveller Calendar 2014/2015

Meet the Lone Lady by Mirco Adam

The scene is set at dawn on the local starport.
The new crew of the Far Trader „Lone Lady“ is supposed to meet at the port.
One of it’s crew members is already there, leaning on his grav-speeder and enjoying the first cup of steaming coffee this morning while literarily meeting the lone Lady of the crew arriving.
Old friends? Old foes?
Judging only by her alertnes and his amusement, who is to know?
Personally I like the washed out colors which hint towards a misty dawn’s early light. The speeder brings in a little contrast. The image still has a few issues but I had to make a cut to meet the deadline.
The City Scape and Landing field surface is Greeble City Blocks by Stonemason. Characters are DAZ Studio figures with outfits from their asset store. The vehicles, starships, containers, baggage and lamp posts were modeled and textured by me.