Meisterspieler: Amondiage


Old Islands Subsector , Reft Sector

Voyageur reached Amondiage in 4618.

Amondiage constructed a fleet of interstellar spaceships that eventually rose to four (Asterix, Infinite, unknown, unknown), starting in 4861. St. Denis, Acadie, Quichotte, Sansterre, and Joyeuse were settled from Amondiage.

The third of the initially colonized worlds, Amondiage is an arid world with little in the way of riches or resources. Ruled by a charismatic dictatorship, it has emphasized exploitation of its main colony, at Acadie, as a source of minerals and raw materials.

Description based on UWP

Amondiage has an Excellent Starport with shipyards able of handling Starships up to the Overhaul level, and provides Refined fuel. The main world is roughly 9,600–10,399 kilometers in diameter, and is a Medium terrestrial. The atmosphere has a pressure of 0.71 to 1.49 atmospheres The atmosphere is a standard oxygen/nitrogen mix, which is breathable without assistance. The surface is roughly 15–24 percent surface water (or similar fluid), which qualifies it as a Dry world world. The main world has a general population of 1 Billion to 10 Billion (P,000,000,000) local residents, which qualifies it as a High population world. The local government is characterized as Charismatic Dictator, with government by a single leader enjoying the confidence of the citizens. Visitors may find the law highly restrictive as weapons outside the home are regulated or restricted by local authorities. Technology is described as Average Imperial (See TL chart).



System Data

Orbit Decimal Orbit Orbital Distance Name Content Type UWP TCs and Remarks
Primary Star G1 V
0 0 0.2 AU Worldlet F1308BA-5 De Ph Na Po Tz
1 1.2 0.46 AU Gas Giant Size: Q
cee 289800 km Rad world Y652000-0 Ba Po Sa Lk
eff 579600 km Big world HJFA340-9 Oc Lo Sa Lk
eff 579600 km Storm world Y99A002-4 Wa Sa Lk
gee 772800 km Inferno YAB0000-0 He Ba Sa Lk
2 2.2 0.76 AU Rad world Y774000-0 Ba Ho Tr
3 2.7 0.91 AU Amondiage Hospitable A5629A9-C Hi Pr
4 4.2 1.84 AU Gas Giant Size: V
ee 1449000 km Inferno Y9B0000-0 He Ba Co Sa Lk
ee 1449000 km Storm world H8C538A-4 Fl Lo Co Sa Lk
aitch 2898000 km Storm world Y7A3055-4 Fl Co Sa Lk
vee 144900000 km Rad world YBB8000-0 Fl Ba Co Sa
wye 231840000 km Rad world Y789000-0 Ba Co Sa
5 4.5 2.2 AU Ice world Y100001-A Va
dee 6440 km Worldlet G000767-6 As Na Pi Sa Lk
ee 8050 km Big world Y000410-A As Ni Sa Lk
eye 32200 km Worldlet Y000226-7 As Lo Sa Lk
6 5.9 4.9 AU Gas Giant Size: P
bee 161000 km Rad world Y745000-0 Ba Fr Sa Lk
cee 241500 km Ice world Y236000-4 Di Fr Sa Lk
aitch 805000 km Big world HBD9301-6 Fl Lo Sa Lk
7 6.8 9.1 AU Rad world Y634000-0 Ba Fr
8 8.2 24 AU Worldlet F322677-5 He Ni Na Po Fr
bee 9660 km Ring System
9 8.7 34 AU Gas Giant Size: R
bee 225400 km Ice world Y000055-6 As Sa Lk
eff 676200 km Big world FCEA566-B Oc Ni Sa Lk
aitch 1127000 km Ice world H786267-3 Ga Lo Fr Sa Lk
jay 3381000 km Ice world Y110055-6 Sa Lk
que 16905000 km Rad world Y764000-0 Ba Fr Sa
10 10.4 107 AU Ice world Y9A7000-6 Fl Di Fr
11 10.9 146.5 AU Ice world Y400000-4 Va Di
bee 12880 km Ring System
12 12.3 398 AU Rad world Y8B7000-0 Fl Ba Fr
ay 12880 km Ring System
13 12.8 555 AU Ice world Y46A001-A Wa Fr
ee 32200 km Worldlet Y000025-9 As Sa Lk
eff 38640 km Rad world Y160000-0 De Ba Sa Lk
yu 2576000 km Big world Y100500-7 Va Ni Sa
14 14.2 1470 AU Ice world Y27A000-5 Di Fr
15 15.3 3235 AU Big world FD8A894-8 Oc Ph Ri
gee 167440 km Rad world Y79A000-0 Wa Ba Fr Sa Lk
eye 418600 km Rad world Y623000-0 Ba Po Fr Sa Lk
kay 837200 km Ice world Y449000-9 Di Fr Sa Lk