Traveller Meisterspieler

A Roll20 based Campaign featuring the Free Trader Tin Lizzy and it crew can be found here.

Unsere gemütliche Meisterspieler-Gruppe trifft sich nach Absprache auf Roll20.net, dort spielen wir Traveller und bedienen uns dabei aus dem Gesamtfundus aller Traveller-Publikationen, die uns bisher in die Hände gefallen sind. Als Regelwerk hält die dt. Übersetzung von Mongoose Traveller (1st Edition, externer Link zu DriveThruRPG.com) bzw. in der Form vom Traveller Grundregelwerk, portabel (externer Link zur Amazon Webseite) her.

Die Meisterspieler bestehen aus guten Freunden die das Spiel nicht zu ernst nehmen und denen die gemeinsame Zeit dabei am wichtigsten ist. Dieses Mal erkunden wir den Great Rift: Traveller RPG: The Great Rift & Deep Space Exploration, welches wir über den Kickstarter erhalten haben. Dabei halten wir uns jedoch nicht in allen Aspekten an die offizielle Sternenkarte von Traveller und haben zwei Systeme (Grisu und Upsi) hinzugedichtet.

Tools für die Kampagne

Folgende Tools kommen bei uns darüber hinaus zur Anwendung:

Die Clan Yacht Awwhaoul-Ehk (Flammendes Schwert)

MZ-00515 Awwhaoul-Ehk MZ-42212S1-000000-00000-0 MCr 136.23 400.00 tons
batteries bearing Crew=5
batteries TL=15
Passengers=8 Low=12 Cargo=82.0 Fuel=168.0 EP=8.0 Agility=1 Security=0 Marines=0
Emergency_agility=1 Def_mod=2 Architects_fees=MCr1.36 Discounted_cost=MCr108.98

Ewwhaoul-Ehk Experimental Merchant
400 ton, TL 15 Civilian Design, 136.23 MCr
5 crew (Command: 1+1, Engineer: 0+1, Steward: 0+1, Medic: 0+1)
8 High/Mid passengers, 12 Low passengers

Clan Yacht

Ton MCr EP Notes
20,00 standard hull, streamlined, fuel scoops
3,00 0,03 purification plant
20,00 2,00 bridge
2,00 18,00 computer model 2-bis
12,00 48,00 drive jump #2
8,00 12,00 drive maneouver #1
8,00 24,00 power plant #2
4,00 agility #1
22,00 reserved drive space -> reverted to Cargo Bay during refitting
8,00 fuel, PP endurance 4 weeks (8 weeks powered down)
160,00 fuel, jump range 4 parsecs
4,00 4,40 hard points x4 with triple turrets
52,00 6,50 staterooms x13
6,00 0,60 low berths x12
60,00 60 tons cargo capacity -> extended to 82 tons after refitting
4,00 0,5 workshop
8,00 g-carrier, berth
2,00 0,2 1 ton low berth, emergency (2 ton)
1,00 1 ton cargo, hidden compartment (1 ton)
20,00 hanger space for 20 ton Gig TL13
400,00 136.23 4.00 EP used, PP generates 8.00 EPs

Cost: 137.59 MCr (first ship, includes architect fees) built in 56 weeks
Std. Variant would Cost: 108.98 MCr (20% discount in volume, TCS) built in 52 weeks
Designed with CT Ship Designer by Matt. Visit https://tca-2014-12.herokuapp.com

20 ton Gig

20ton Gig WIP 05

Vol Name TL Free Gs Fuel Duration MCr Computer Notes
20 Gig 15 7.5 8 2t 5 weeks 18.3 Model/2 B, C


Das Krhysiiuaw (Grisu) System (UWP A742635-D)

Krhysiiuaw has an Excellent Starport with shipyards able of handling Starships up to the Overhaul level, and provides Refined fuel. The main world is roughly 11,200–12,799 kilometers in diameter, and is a Medium terrestrial (e.g. Venus). The atmosphere has a pressure of 0.71 to 1.49 atmospheres. The atmosphere is a standard oxygen/nitrogen mix, which is breathable without assistance. The surface is roughly 15–24 percent surface water (or similar fluid), which qualifies it as a Dry world world. The main world has a general population of 1 Million to 10 Million (P,000,000) local residents, which qualifies it as a Moderate population world. The local government is characterized as Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy, with government by a restricted minority, with little or no input from the masses. Visitors may find the law moderately restrictive as personal concealable weapons are regulated or restricted by local authorities. Technology is described as Average Stellar (See TL chart).

Orbit Name Content type UWP TCs and Remarks
Primary F0 V
2.8 (0.94 AU) Rad world Y201000-0 Ic Va Ba
arr Storm world Y000001-A As Sa
4 (1.6 AU) Secondary Star System F8 V
5.3 (3.52 AU) Grisu Main World A742635-D He Ni Po Mi
6.4 (6.8 AU) Big world HHFA511-A Oc Ni Co
7.8 (18 AU) Big world YJFA245-A Oc Lo
8.7 (34 AU) Ice world Y334002-6 Fr
ex Ice world Y000234-6 As Lo Sa
10.1 (84.5 AU) Planetoids H000563-8 As Ni Cy
11.4 (214 AU) Large Gas Giant Size: P
eff Rad world YBA7000-0 Fl Ba Sa Lk
aitch Big world YDB8200-4 Fl Lo Sa Lk
eye Rad world Y6B6000-0 Fl Ba Fr Sa Lk
kay Big world YCD5132-6 Fl Lo Sa Lk
arr Ice world Y888000-2 Di Fr Sa
Orbit Name Content type UWP TCs and Remarks
Primary F8 V
0.2 (0.24 AU) Big world YFFA562-A Oc Ni Tz Cy
gee Big world HCB4530-3 Fl Ni Sa Lk
0.7 (0.34 AU) Rad world Y755000-0 Ga Ba Tz

Grisu Weltkarte

Vollständige Größe 4254 x 3378 px

Das Uifkh’siye (Upsi) System

Orbit Decimal Orbit Orbital Distance Name Content Type UWP TCs and Remarks
Primary Star K7 V
0 0.5 0.3 AU Uifkh’siye Hospitable C1108A6-9 Ph Na Pi Tu Fa
ay 1610 km Ring System
cee 4830 km Ring System
1 1 0.4 AU Inferno YCB0000-0 He Ba Co Tz
gee 154560 km Big world Y9B8230-5 Fl Lo Co Sa Lk
dub 11592000 km Big world H99A69B-8 Wa Ni Co Sa
7 6.7 8.65 AU Big world GED8451-8 Fl Ni
vee 11270000 km Ice world Y100114-A Va Lo Sa
14 14 1230 AU Worldlet Y000101-9 As Lo

Jungle World to be generated…


Die Meisterspieler Sternenkarte


Krhysiiuaw (Grisu) und Uifkh'siye (Upsi) in Void Subsector

Reft Sector (Void Subsector)

Stationen & Welten