Sightings of the 300dt Armored Merchant

I just watched „Mr. Welch’s Mad Musings: Traveller“ and arriving at 10 mins and a couple of seconds she came up for a full 30 seconds. I guess Mr. Welch took the liberty to chose to ignore the licensing terms of my image or maybe wasn’t aware of them at the time he produced the video. But it’s been out 2 years and the image wasn’t really featured or presented in a way that conflicts with my interests, so I chose to ignore that too (but: that’s MY choice, Mr. Welch, and should be, as it’s my artwork).

And to present the object of non-objection, here she is, the ship in all it’s rendered glory.

Rhaan Interstellar Corp – 300dt Star Class Armored Merchant „Solar Flare“

And as I did a second ship textured as the „Deep Skies“ featuring the website of the original artwork creator for this craft Tom Peters (https://www.tpeters.com), I might as well present it here too. THanks Tom for this amazing ship and for being friends, btw.

Star-Class Armored Merchant