„Lone Lady“ bound for video…

A short while ago Noah Ternullo of Pittsburgh, PA based IT Consultancy Digital Arc Systems contacted me with the request to use my models for a movie. I decided to support the venture and provided Noah with one of my models, since it would be cool to see it in a high quality animation.


303 Sichten
Digital Arc Systems TCG Promotion

While I personaly didn’t think ot it as a production quality model, Noah was confident that it would suit their needs. I was very eager to see the resulting animation as soon as it would be finished.

This is the craft Digtal Arc Systems wanted to use for their project:.

The previously published model in a 5 point artificial lighting setup…



Here are a few shots of the model in a desert lighting setup and the second image shows the rear section as well, which I hadn’t finished prior to Noah’s request…



Views from above….



The personnel airlock and landing gear…



Marava with airlock open and gear up / airlock open and gear down



Marava with airlock closed and gear down / airlock closed and gear up



As can be seen in the video above, not all features were used or prominently visible, but none the less the video is quite cool.

Link to the Resource Page for the „Lone Lady“(Password Protected)…


I guess it was about time to register my own domain for the site. So when I installed the Jetpack-Plugin for WordPress and registered a dedicated wordpress.com user-account, they offered my to register the same as a full fledged domain: travellerillustrated.com

Nice, but I wanted that domain with my webspace provider of trust and registered it. So from now on we will also be available through http://travellerillustrated.com