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Hi Tom,

as promised here are the files for the model. I included three additional formats next to the native blender file. All files are ZIP archives that should work fine. The individual files are not password protected so these can be scanned prior to extracting the contents.

Have fun taking her for a round trip around the solar system,



Armored Merchant ship model

Merchant-o-War_3DS (3D Studio file, ZIP contains textures)
Merchant-o-War_OBJ (Wavefront Object file, ZIP contains textures)
Merchant-o-War_DAE (Collada 1.4 file, ZIP contains textures)
Merchant-o-War_BLEND (Blender 2.7 file, ZIP contains textures)


Star-Class Armored Merchant

Star-Class Armored Merchant


UV-Layout map (PNG)

2048px by 2048px Color Map (PNG)


There are no bump maps, normal maps, light maps or specular maps as I didn’t make any. Also it’s only the ship itself, not the whole scene.

Solid Colors

color1 color3color2

Sidenotes: Copyright 2015, Mirco Adam.
The model is for your personal use.
Renders available to the public based on this model should credit me as well.