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Here is a link to the Promotional Video by Digital Arc Systems

The „Lone Lady“ in Action, video by Digital Arc Systems

Copyright 2015: Digital Arc Systems and used with permission.

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DropBox-Download Link for the model: link and the Update-Link.

(Software used: Blender 2.70 or later).

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The video plot is as follows (text edited):

The trader comes out of jump space, streaking toward a barren planet.  There is a cliff side industrial looking facility, it lands on a platform overhanging the chasm.  We switch to live action video showing a fire fight with the party.  We show the ship taking off from the platform, the facility exploding behind it.  As it tries to reach orbit, two Rampart class fighters harass it.  That’s no problem for the Lone Lady, she makes quick work of them using her turrets…

She’s made orbit, and she’s almost home free.  That’s when the two system defense boats come over the horizon of the planet.  The DBs are moving at flank speed, their turrets slew and begin firing on our Empress Marava as the missile bays open.  The Marava is now desperate to make the 100 diameter limit, it’s popping sand casters, performing evasive maneuvers.  The SDBs launch wave after wave of missiles. The Marava engages in Point defense, but there are just too many missiles.  They get closer and closer and at the very last possible minute, the ship makes jump…

Scale of the project:

The distribution on this is private.  After securing the rights to build the actual game, we would be interested in sitting down and talking with you about utilizing some of your models for animation purposes (not as part of the game per se).  The distribution would be start in the US and grow to world wide.  The intended audience is between 60,000 and 120,000 people.

[…] We are particularly intersted in Far Trader Lone Lady.  (She’s a sharp looking lady!)  We would like the model with the textures.  We’d need it in C4D or OBJ + MTI format.